Sunday, May 4, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

happiness and joy

just call me teach

worth 1,000 words

so this is love


temple marriage
graduate from college
get my own classroom
spend a week on Orcas Island
Eiffel Tower
go skydiving
learn to tap dance
become a true aggie
go to a jazz game
own a snowcone shack
have a barbara streisand movie marathon
go to a broadway show
sing in the conference center
write a song
red jeep...
go to a movie by myself
gut a fish
go para-sailing
shake the prophets hand
record a cd
finish les mis
meet jason
take a photography class
make the perfect bundt cake
fly in a helicopter
hike Mt. Olympus
waltz in the rain
go hang-gliding
take surfing lessons
go to disneyland with my family
camp on the beach
learn to play the cello and the harp
be in the audience at the ellen show
Hike Mt. Borah
visit: paris (duh), Prince Edward Island, Africa, Australia, Scotland, and pretty much everywhere else...

The name is WhitSariah

My name is Whitney Ward, and welcome to my blog!
This is the place where I share everything the brings me joy. I write for me, and no one else.
I share all those things that I love and what to make known to the world.
Music is my passion. 
Movies make me happy.
The Eiffel Tower is my obsession. 
I find pure joy in singing, eating snow cones, musicals, my family, autumn, shopping, teaching school, children, dancing in the rain, friends, chatting into the wee small hours of the morning,  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, flowers, summer, and anything Glee. 
I love life, and love finding the joy in each day.

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The place where i share my inspirations and passions
through pictures and quotes.

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Pint-sized Amusements

This is my other blog.
a record of all things funny
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