Tuesday, June 30, 2009

song of the week

i decided each week im going to post the song i just cant get enough for that particular week.
whether it be old or new...it should be shared...
~with all 2 of you that read my blog~

this first one is new...and its probably my new favorite song. dont know why. i just LOVE it.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Monday, June 29, 2009

why i love my job

this is pretty self explanatory...i love my job!
  • i play all day
  • i get paid to get uber tan
  • i get "field" experience for my future career
  • probably my all time favorite treat (other than that of the chocolate family) is a snowcone. and at my job...we get FREE ones from "snowcone man trevor" on wednesdays and fridays. he's the coolest kid i know...pretty cute too ;)
  • i love swimming. and i get paid to do it. my favorite part of swimming is holding my breath and going underwater and listening to how quiet it is under there. i really wish i could be a fish. its just cool to watch people jump in the water and how its almost completely silent.
  • kids say the funniest things. i have half a million stories each day where kids just know how to crack me up
  • the other counselors i work with are awesome.
  • i get to go on fun fields trips, like the movies, bowling, blacklight mini golf, etc etc
  • i get to be a kid a gain

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a few noteworthy notes

So i stumbled upon these happy little things while i should have been doing something productive, but i just couldnt resist the urge to share. so here you go!!

* first off they are making Wicked... THE MOVIE and its rumored that it will be the original broadway cast! oh happy day!
*next up is...Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland! Can you say brilliant? I mean, i hated Alice as a kid, but this? Epic. woot woot
*also the new Footloose finally has a replacement for Zac-y poo, (dumb move on his part, but whatever) and i think i will be okay with looking at Chase Crawford for the many times in which i go see this movie. stoked!
*after watching the trailer for 500 Days of Summer I believe it has the potential to be my new favorite movie...we shall see.
*and last but not least...they pushed up the release date for The Time Travelers Wife hooray! I almost screamed when I saw that! Its such a phenomenal book that i can only hope that they do it some justice. yay im so excited!

anyways, enough about me ranting on about this "small" movie obsession of mine...i truly am a nerd <3>
la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i can often be heard muttering the word "men" in a very annoyed and disgusted voice, i think all girls have done so 100 times or so in there life when it comes to dating.... or the lack of dating. but its days like today (father's day) that make me step back and think about the men in my life that give me hope that there is some man out there that will change my outlook on men forever.

theres my dad first of all,
he's my hero.
he is a constant in my life.
he knows how to make me laugh.
he knows how to make me feel of worth when every other boy out there doesnt.
he loves my mom more than words.
and i know he would do anything for me.

theres also my grandpa.
he's the one where my dad learned it all from.
he's hilarious.
he's honorable.
he always has a good story to tell.

theres also my brothers.
i know they aren't fathers, but they will be great father's some day. i know that they get on my nerves a lot but i love them, and i know they are on there way to becoming great men.

i really am lucky to have such amazing men in my life. i couldnt get through my days with out them. Happy Father's Day everyone!

thats all of them <3

career alternative? or not.

i think that if i wasn't so adamant and captivated by the idea of being an elementary teacher, i would like to be a counselor or psychologist. i have always been fascinated by how people are different in the way that they react to situations, and how they handle life. its so thrilling how everyone is so unique in that, and how much it says about a person. i love taking personality tests and learning more about myself and how i can interact with some people better than others. i took the free version of the personality test on colorcode.com it was really interesting to read because for the longest time i thought i had a blue personality, but i am in fact white...hum.

Monday, June 15, 2009

i love summer.

one reason i love summer is because i get to READ. yes READ. i try and try throughout the school year to really read something for enjoyment, and it never works. there is always something more pressing to read like a math book or something (ya right) but seriously, i just never get a chance to pick up a good book and do nothing but READ. in the summer i can do just that, and this summer is no different. i made a goal to read a book each week of summer camp, and i am going to do just that. one week of camp down, and one book down. i chose to read My Sister's Keeper for many reasons. #1- Jodi Picoult is an amazing author who knows how to mix drama with love, passion, family, medicine, you name it, she can do it. #2- I saw THIS TRAILER. while waiting for some movie to start, and did in fact start crying in the movie theater. Not just a few tears, no I mean a full fledged cry. It was pretty crazy. So I knew I needed to read the book before I saw the movie, and let me just tell you, what a way to start of my book goal. PHENOMENAL book. I loved every minute. I couldnt put it down. It took me maybe 3 days to read it instead of the whole week. Seriously pick it up... I would suggest having some of those handy though...

Hopefully the movie is just as good, but I really dont see how they could go wrong with a heart-wrenching story like this one, especially with all star actors playing the characters too. We shall see though! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer too!

* Next on the list:
The Thirteenth Tale

Friday, June 5, 2009

what a trip!

Trip time!! As most of you know my dear friend Katie and I recently got back from the trip we have been planning for months and months. The whole reason for the trip was to make it to Beaverton, Oregon for Karinne's wedding, but we decided to make it an extra long adventure and go to a few more places :) so first on the list was Katie driving up to Boise friday afternoon where we hung out with my family and a few old friends from high school that night. Then Saturday we decided to start the morning off right with breakfast at Merritts. YUM!! After that we hit the road! 8-ish hours to Seattle :) Oh good times in the car. That drive is absolutely gorgeous once you hit I-90...so basically the last hour, but seriously, its actually breathtaking.
So we got to Katie's sister, Joanna's house and spent the evening with their cute little family, and then watched a movie. Sunday we went to church in this building that's literally nestled in trees...everything there is, its incredible. After church we had lunch and then went to Snoqualmie Falls which was awesome! Then later that evening we went to Lake Sammamish where Katie's 2 year old nephew took an accidental swim :) it was pretty funny.
On Monday, all of us went to downtown Seattle and visited the troll (as seen in 10 Things I Hate About You), walked around Pike's, had the famous little donuts, had fish and chips on the pier, did some shopping and had the most amazing waffle cones & ice cream on the water front. heaven! Then Joanna and her husband and kids went home, while Katie and I stayed downtown. We stumbled upon the Northwest Folklife Festival totally by accident but just happened to be the highlight of Seattle. Oh my gosh, so fun! Complete hippy fest for sure. We bought toe rings and got henna tattoos. :) There were awesome hippy bands, and we smelled wretched afterwards. It was so fun though. Then we went up the space needle! Yay! I had never been up, so that was cool. After wards we walked down the waterfront again, and made it to Joanna's by 8 for a late dinner. What and awesome day!
Tuesday we made the 4 hour drive to the Olympic Peninsula...just because we felt like it and had a spare 2 days before we planned on being in Portland. We decided to be really lame and go to Forks. I know...but seriously, we had a blast. The beach was absolutely worth the drive and we had so much fun swimming and playing in the sand. We stayed in a Forks Motel and ate a restaurant called...The Restaurant. We were silly Twilighters and we enjoyed every minute of it. I dont care what any of you think. haha Forks itself was ridiculous, we saw the whole town in 4 minutes, but the La Push beach, and watching the sun set in Port Angeles was soooo worth the drive. While there we also went to the Hoh Rain Forest, and one of the largest cedar trees ever...194 ft in diameter alone. It was epic.
Wednesday was when we went swimming in the ocean. It was super windy that day, so everyone on the beach was in pants and coats, and here we were, 2 dorks from Utah and Idaho in our swim suits screaming and running through the waves. People looked, and we laughed. After that we were on our way to Portland!
We had Wednesday night to visit with Karinne and her family, and then Thursday and Friday we spent preparing for the wedding! This was so fun! Lots of work but I seriously had a blast chatting with K-poo's awesome family. I love them! Her mom is adorable, I love all her sisters, her aunt is like the same person as my mom, and I got to see her ADORABLE neices and nephews. I spent Easter with them last year and seriously fell in love with those kids, so I had fun running around with them. but ya, weddings are quite the hustle and bustle. We made tons of food and decorated up a storm, but it was soooo worth it Saturday when my best friend Karinne married Mr Dalen, aka Du-dad. They looked so happy and it was so fun to see them all married and such! I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Karinne was absolutely gorgeous like always, and glowing with happiness. Im so happy for those two dorky love birds. Hopefully they have kids soon so I can be the #1 babysitter haha jk...but seriously. What a great weekend that was. We then left Sunday morning for good old Boise. Sad that it was all over, but very excited to sleep in my own bed :) Funny how that works...
Here is a slid show of some of the pictures from the trip. We took like 300, so its definitely only SOME of them, but you get the general idea. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

happiness is...fun shoes

now i intend to blog lots and LOTS about my FANTASTIC trip, but real quick i just had to share some happy news. i got home from my vacation on sunday and my mom had bought me a little something. she said she saw these and couldnt resist buying them, which im very glad because they are SOOOOO FLIPPING CUTE. haha i love them and their quirky-ness. here is a pic: