Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the day i felt perfection and like death all wrapped up in one

my eyes are droopy.
my nose is stuffy.
my throat is itchy.
and i am battling what is either the worst allergies known to man,
or a terrible and dreaded cold from H-E- double hockey sticks (ya, I just went all 4th grade on you right there)
excuse me while i go chop off my head right now....

all of this may be the case, but yet I can not seem to close my eyes.
because right now, in this moment.
i am happy.
and i am exhausted.
that combination is also known as perfection.

why you ask?
maybe because life is a strange, twisted and a down right fan-freaking-tastic journey.
and i am currently loving it.
i feel like for once i have control of the reigns and i can do whatever i want, and be whatever i want to be.
it is a strange, scary and simply exhilarating feeling.

there is no saying what will happen next week. or next month. or next year.
and the thought of that in the past would have had me in a down right, eye-gauging, panic mode.
but not now.
i'm not worrying any more.
what good does that do? i can't plan out the rest of my life like some fantastic musical, because
A. i'm not talented enough to go all rogers and hammerstein on you
B. i would end up disappointed when it didn't go as i planned
C. people might stare at me during every song and dance number....(actually i KNOW they would stare.)
D. and i have not found anyone to play the dreamy male lead yet

but seriously. my main man Jason said it best "I won't worry my life away...." because he is a genius, and that is the truth. there is no point in worrying whatsoever.

life is meant to be spontaneous, and adventurous and i think the past few weeks/months, and the way the rest of the week is shaping out, is a clear indication that i LOVE spontaneity and adventures.

it is the beauty in being where i am today. the trials i have faced, and have yet to face, well, today i am grateful for those. because these pot holes and bumps in the road, have allowed me to
and have allowed me to truly find the joy in all of this.

it is a beautiful thing. and is something i have been searching for...i am telling you kids, prayer works.

so here is to more blissful summer nights, full of awkward singles ward FHEs, top secret ice cream club runs, flirting with boys, talking for hours, stories in the parking lot, zumba nights, taco tuesdays, poodle head stare-downs, softball games, battle wounds, and anything else that comes my way.

just pray i don't snap at my students after so many late nights....

and just because a post wouldn't be the same without a video.... 
even if it is old news, went viral a while back, and is so totally yesterday,
i just can't seem to get enough. so here. happy day to you. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

nice day for a... white wedding

It is wedding day for my pal miss Katie Jane, and I am just as happy as a clam for her.
Extremely ecstatic.
Simply celebratory.
Pleased as punch.
Jumping for Joy.
*insert any other cliche/alliteration filled ways to expressed my happiness.
But seriously, her new man David is quite the winner we have all decided. And she is smitten. Simply smitten. It is quite magical really...

I love weddings, all the lovey-dovey-ness in the air, it is simply magical, yet I can't help but feel a tinge of slad-ness. You know, so ridiculously glad and overjoyed for my KJ dearest, yet somewhat sad that she is leaving the Single Ladies club, (no we do not call ourselves the 'Single Ladies club', but hopefully you catch my drift.)

sidenote: 'slad-ness' was a term coined during my senior year, yes, we choir nerds made up our own words....quite often in fact. we were performing the classic 'Smile' for our ballad piece (not a male duck) during a competition and one part goes as such: 
"Light up your face gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness"
Somehow we kept combining the two lines into 'slad-ness', partly due to mistake, and then due irony, and then out of pure teenage humor I guess. It drove Mrs. Schmidt obviously we kept doing it. And it has stuck in my vocabulary of awesome words to use, apparently.

Anyways, back to KJ. Yes I have this tinge of slad-ness, but the joy definitely triumphs. As her sister said at the wedding dinner last night, "We are thankful to David for coming into Katie's life, and improving her reading habits... by diminishing them. Katie has found her real-life love story now."

Ah man! How can you not just die hearing that?  and let's not even mention how David talks about her, and how I basically started welling up like a crazy person. Ya, that's right. I am an emotional person, and I love weddings. Deal with it.

So here is to the perfect May 11th wedding for my dearest, darling-est Katie. Cause seriously friends, I love weddings. And Katie. And the month of May.

Ahhh, bliss.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

let us lay in the sun...

sometimes you have a crappy day,
and then you wake up and start over.
and realize that life is just good.
the sun was out,
the breeze was nice,
weekend plans are coming along quite nicely,
a student brought me a cafe rio gift card,
i even had a smile on my face when a student called me mom,
and another student called me daddy.
serious? daddy?
haha! life.
i just love it.
....apparently it is time for a wax?
*cough cough....awkward!

*who is with me? i'm in need of a picnic in the sun... yes yes indeed

Monday, May 7, 2012


regardless the occasion or mood,
there is always a Gilmore Girls moment to explain my day to a 'T.'

I think I will go to bed and start over tomorrow.

Not until I listen to this listen for the 809,732,149 time since April 17th.
Hidden tracks seriously are the greatest little treasures ever.
And this is the best song on the entire album.
MY faaaaavorite.

the harmonies, OH THE HARMONIES!
I feel better already.
I. Love. This. Man. 
(yes, I just hash-tagged on my blog. judge away)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

one of those days

preach Zooey. preach.
LOVE her.
LOVE this show.
that is all for now.

oh wait, except for this song.
so fun.

ok i lied, here are two more.
can not WAIT for these 2 concerts. YES!

and yes I just barely realized that sara bareilles is in both....go her!
and don't worry. 
more summer songs and happiness,
 coming your way!
many posts are in progress...go me!