Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Sink Basket-Part 4

I know it.
I just know it.
You have been sitting on the edge of your seats for 5 whole days,
waiting and craving the latest slice of any news involving our dear friend Bronzie.
Well, I am here to tell you...I never heard back.
Nope. Never.

On Sunday, I confronted the culprits, who painstakingly and confidently tried to convince Liz and I that they had no clue as to what we were talking about.
They went to all odds to convince us otherwise.

It didn't work. I know these things. So I just figured we would just eagerly wait until we heard from Bronzie the Basket.

But then game night take 4 took place.
There was laughter. And more cookies. And then in a matter of moments,
Miss Alexis was gone. poof. Just like that.
As my previous post shows, we received picture evidence that she was safe,
which also confirmed the culprits.
Poor Miss Alexis. We just knew she needed to get home soon, much like Bronzie.

So Monday came. A plan of action was thought of, and in process in a matter of minutes.
We don't mess around.
We dressed in black. Cranked up the only song that came to mind.
And were ready for our attack.

We were prepared to side swipe them. Ring the doorbell, catch them off guard, and barge in.
Liz was to find Alexis. I was headed for the kitchen to, of course, grab Bronzie,
but also to capture 'the special glass' in return.
I knew that was what I must take as payback.
It is, after all, a pretty special glass.

Simple plan right? We knew there were risks, but we were ready to fight.

But.... what were weren't ready for,
was getting caught.
Yes. Caught.
We rang the doorbell once, and when no one answered we were prepared to turn around and attempt at a later time.
But of course, at that time, and in that moment, said culprits decided to return home with their Frostys in hand, only to find two wide eyed girls in black hoodies standing on their porch.
There was no where to run. There was no where to hide.
There was only the option of admitting defeat.


So... much laughter was held at the expense of Liz and I, but somehow we still managed to run in (ya, the door was unlocked all along), grab what was rightfully ours, as well as the 'special glass' and run back out with only little struggle. Actually there wasn't much struggle at all.
They let Alexis and Bronzie come home, and the 'special glass' is mine for an undecided amount of time.
Not much of a fight, but entertaining none-the-less.

So our friends are home safe, but this is not over. I do still have the special glass, and who knows what they might swipe at the next game night....


Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Sink Basket-Part 3

This is kind of part 3, because I still have yet to hear back from Bronzie...
BUT the culprits have been confirmed and a war has begun.
Well, game night took place again in my lovely home, and who goes missing?
Miss Alexis The Head.
We call her our 5th roommate, because we just love her.

Now, all that remains is her tiara. Sitting there, all alone, with no reason to sparkle.

Poor, poor Miss Alexis.
I was however sent this picture....I guess at least we know she is safe?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Sink Basket-Part 2

Be sure you have read this post prior, in order to understand the fact that I am not completely insane...

So it took me a couple days to respond to the culprits Bronzie the Basket due to maybe one of the most ridiculous and stressful work weeks I have ever had, but I finally responded:

My Dearest, Darlingest, Bronzie,

Let me begin by telling you how over joyed I was to find your email and to learn of your safety. We have indeed been worried about you, and had begun to fear the worst. We were in the process of organizing a search party, and had almost reached desperation and sadly, even considered finding a replacement in hopes that we could vill the void. I am thrilled that this is no longer the case, the knowledge that you are safe and hopefully close eases our worries. We just need to get you home... 

We need you back in our lives as soon as possible. Your disappearance for the past 2 weeks has begun to take a toll on our lives,  Liz's vivacious laughing has diminished somewhat drastically, Lacey is a wreck, feeling guilty for never fully bonding with you, and I, well, I still sing in the kitchen, but the melodies have taken on a more melancholy and depressing nature. Please come back. We will stop at nothing. Your captors can't fully understand the importance of you in our lives, the way you keep things so organized and fresh, and how perfectly you mesh with the kitchen decor. Who are these people that have so rudely taken you from us? Especially after I had invited them in, offered them cookies and hours of laughter? To say I am shocked would be an understatement.

But regardless, my number one priority is you and your return to safety. Your sink is waiting, meat-water free, and sanitized to your specific expectations. So now all there is to talk of is the price. Are we talking a lump sum, or a series of payments? Are they looking for quality bonding time, or more material goods? Do your captors have a specific request? Do they enjoy scrumptious meals or maybe fresh baked cookies? What kind of people are they? Do some digging Bronzie. I know you can! I believe in you. The more information you can gather, the faster we can get you back. Listen to their every conversation, try to pick up anything you can. Ignore the smell. Ignore the grim. Ignore the powerful water pressure. Stay strong my favorite kitchen sink basket. We will see you soon. Promise.

Missing you desperately, 
Your #1 Fan...

And now I eagerly await. Who knows what I may have gotten myself into....

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Sink Basket

Background: I am a very organized person. I like things in their place, and I like for them to look aesthetically pleasing. Some call it OCD, some call it clean. Some call it crazy. Whatever.

Well, when we first moved into this apartment, I bought this suction cup basket to hang in the sink so that the scrub brush and sponge had a little home. It has been pretty handy, keeping those 2 items out of sight from the counter, and allowing me to stay sane. Until about 2 weeks ago.

Game night take 1, was held on June 3rd. about 10 people showed up. I invited them into my house, made them cookies, and now at least one of them has betrayed me, and stolen my sink basket. The nerve! I thought that maybe someone just hid it, so I honestly have been searching the house for it. I know, I am a tad bit insane, but it is what it is. I had almost given up, my scrub brush and sponge have just been lying in the sink all....unorganized and what not, I was considering a replacement of sorts, until this email showed up. Let the games begin...

Hey girl hey - 

Please.  Help. Me. Now. 

So there i was, minding my own business while you were carrying on, inviting house guests into our sacred sanctuary.  When, all of a sudden, I felt cold hands brush the inner workings of my polished nickel exterior.  I tried to scream out in terror, however there were so many people gathered around eating cookies that no one heard me scream.  Then, the dark interior of a pocket. 

When I again saw the light and came to, I realized I was attached by my now, newly wetted suction cups, to a foreign land, a new territory, a stainless steel, cold, damp, smelly, sink.  It was, in every way, inferior to my previous home that I had grown to love.

I can only hope that you realized I was gone, for I am unable to count the days that I have been missing.  It's hard, dealing with the pressure of the water while the stiff bristles of the sink-cleaning brush drip dirty meat-water on my skin.

I need to get home.  I want to get home.  You treated me so kindly, while my captors don't fully understand the meaning behind sink sanitation.  I can feel myself growing apart from the plastic suction cups, partly due to the grime, partly due to my feelings of abandonment and loneliness.

I once overheard my captors claiming utter victory, and that they wouldn't stop at anything unless you were able to track me down, and bring ______________________ in trade.  In other words, what am I worth to you?  PLEASE.  Answer.  Quickly.

Whitney - I miss your singing in the kitchen.
Liz - I miss your vivacious laugh
Lacey...well, we were never really that close. *sigh*


longingly, and sufferingly - your basket until the end,

SO there you have it. I definitely have my suspicions of who the captors are, and I will stop at nothing until Bronzie is returned to her lovely home...
I mean look at the yucky brush they have made her hold. All gross with the bristles all bent. And not even a cute sponge like our polka dotted one! Ugh, so sad! Poor Bronzie!

 Stay tuned for Part 2 :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I'm Talking to You...

let's talk for a quick second about how being a grown up and having a social life do not go hand in hand.

lets in turn not talk about the fact that my social life is winning, and my grown up life is suffering.
deal with my snappiness tiny humans...i'm having fun.

let's talk about how i LOVE year round schedule. except for today. A-tracks last day today makes it really hard to want to finish out the next 3 weeks

let's talk about how i still giggle at the fact that my sister had NO idea who ricky martin was. #imsuperold

let's talk about this strange new thing i have discovered called flirting. actually, let's not talk about it. geez, nosy people

let's talk about how i wanted a few minutes of silence at work today, so i checked out the iPads. shoving an iPad in a ten year olds hand not only gave me a few minutes of silence, but an entire hour. *bonus* they were reviewing for end of year testing!

let's talk about how i have a plethora of Toms and people are starting to notice the fact that i wear a different pair everyday. #shoeproblem

let's talk about how i think in terms of tweets now. i used to think in FB status updates, then in blog posts, now every normal conversation involves hashtag dot dot dot...

let's talk about how moving to midvale in january was downright the greatest thing that has happened in a long time

let's talk about how much i LOOOOVE Jon McLaughlin and how I FINALLY got to see him in concert, and how I was MOST DEFINITELY front row, up against the stage.

let's talk about how JM could stand for Jason Mraz, OR Jon McLaughlin...i love my life

let's talk about how completely and utterly happy i am that Sara Michelle is back from the mish and we have already had so many wonderful adventures. #don'tleavemeinthefall

let's NOT talk about how miss jen jones hasn't even LEFT on the mish yet. noooooooooo

let's talk about how awesome my roommates are. they are the bee's knees.

let's talk about how my 4th graders are SERIOUSLY trying to get me married. there are at least 4 or 5 comments a week. serious.

let's talk about how much i look forward to hanging out with people from my ward. yes, i just said that.

let's talk about how my nails were painted for 2 days and it was the most stressful thing ever

let's talk about how much i love that my favorite summer shows are baaaaaack

okay, let's stop talking so i can go to bed now. yesssss.