Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer

i love summer.
i really do.
my favorite month is july.
why you ask?
well...i give you 3 reasons:

1. independence day which means fireworks and picnics
2. birthdays galore. grandpa. dad. mom. and me. woot woot
3. perfect watermelon is always consumed during the month of july. june always brings sad bitter watermelons, and august always has squishy mushy ones. july...yum

so as you can see, im quite excited to welcome in the month of july.
it is quite a happy month, with all its red white and blue happiness :)
this only sad part, is that it means summer is half way gone.
wha? how?
who knows.
lucky my pal Lindsay wrote this post the other day 
which brought all sorts of happiness to my face.
i mean a list of 53 summer musts is pure brilliant.
and all 53 are indeed summer musts.
luckily i still have half a summer to get all these things checked off.
who's with me?!

happy summer!

Friday, June 25, 2010

...june. twenty fifth. two thousand ten

today was one of those days that i will always remember and never forget.
i felt every kind of happiness today
and it sure felt good.

happy birthday grannie <3


"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, 
if one only remembers to turn on the light."
wise man that dumbledore character. 
i have this quote on a fancy little plaque that usually hangs by my bed.
(for some genius reason i packed it, and didnt bring it home for the summer)
i think the reason i love this quote so much is because there is so much truth in the statement.
but yet so many forget or look beyond that simple fact. light is a powerful thing in all aspects and symbolism of the word, simply because...its perfect.
so why would one chose darkness?
why wouldn't they be able to remember that little light switch,
that would flick on all that is perfect
and bring in floods of happiness
when light and happiness are so...perfect?

Monday, June 21, 2010

peace love happiness

magical week full of peace. love. and happiness:
(which has been my new favorite song for some time now)
  • driving down to salt lake with my mom
  • sleep over with gwen which included lots of giggling and reminiscing
  • getting dressed in the morning, and realizing i brought black and red to wear...katies colors...i guess i was a bridesmaid whether she liked it or not...
  • walking around temple square with my girlfriends
  • seeing the new Craigo family walk out of the temple!
  • picture time
  • more galavanting around temple square + picture taking of our own + oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over all the brides
  • sara getting a most exquisite phone call about... her mission call!
  • attending the fantabulous luncheon at Rodizio Grill yum...
  • eating 2 chicken hearts (i awarded myself a gold star, cause everyone else just licked one)
  • watching katies wedding video, and hearing her's and parents talk about their sweet children, and then crying my eyes out
  • parading around zurchers taking pictures with the grand hats, and searching for stuff to decorate the getaway car
  • heading to the leeflang house to help set up for the reception
  • lounging on the trampoline staring at the sky, and feeling the blissful breeze
  • sneaking out for a delicious snowcone complete with icecream on the bottom and cream on the top at bob's brainfreeze
  • reception happiness
  • throwing rose petals and rice at the new couple
  • games at saras
  • (the fact that katie jane got hit by a car, on purpose, did not fill me with peace, love and made me very angry. come on. seriously?)
  • a very very peaceful sleep at Jen's
  • breakfast with her darling family
  • facing my worst nightmare
  • lunch and shopping with Dott, Mom and Tess
  • happy bracelets
  • a gorgeous saturday
  • frozen yogurt for dinner
  • so exhausted i fell asleep as soon as i hit the pillow at 11:00
  • morning drive home...with jason mraz blasting
  • making it home for fathers day
  • hearing my aunt and uncles wonderful news...they received another baby boy to adopt!
  • a boise rainstorm
  • watching life with the family
  • and finally to sleep again...
oh i love weekends full of adventures :)
(click to enlarge if you feel so inclined)

Monday, June 14, 2010

daydream believer

i, along with my friends, am really good at planning.
but not so good at executing those plans.
simply due to one fact...
we love to make up stupid plans.
lots of 'what ifs'
and 'we shoulds'
and 'wouldnt it be awesome ifs'
you may remember this post
am i being serious? not entirely
is it relistic? no
is it really funny? well, i personally think so.
as of late these awesome 'plans' have been uh, in surplus mode?!
dont ask me why.
but apparently we think we are funny.
a few daydreams/unrealistic plans as of late include the following:

taking a road trip to Colorado to stalk meet Tyler Ward
and swoon after his awesomeness
and possibly fight over which one of us gets him or his brother

starting a never-before-married-widows support group. 

moving to Europe with Gwen to find hot European husbands!!! 
(once we make enough money on our teachers salaries that is)

writing Jason Mraz
and getting a response
telling me he loves me. (wha?)
and blogging about it.
(my family knows me too well)

opening up a Costa Vida resturant with Kym
that only plays Glee music.
we would probably be the only ones who would appreciate it..
but we would be happy ! 

moving to NYC
where Kym finds a wonderful PR job
I would teach underprivileged students like this or this
(but get paid lots and lots)
and we would go to a Broadway show every night. 
(cause seriously...watcing the Tony's tonight made me realize how behind i am!)
and in just a matter of time, we would totally be BFFs with Kristen Chenoweth

randomly meeting Matthew Morrison
and singing together like theres no tomorrow...

those are the most recent adventures i have 'planned'
its a daily occurence, so im sure i will have something new for you tomorrow.
my next plan, is to find a way to better execute all these dreams and 
oh, i dont know, make them happen...?
cause lets be honest...
theres a minuscule (ok, maybe massive) part of me, 
that believes these dreams should become a reality

.ahhh someday....right?

*haha told you i would have more for you...the latest plan as devised by my dear friend Kasidy:
"Alright. Here's the master plan. We are going to get real teacher's jobs, and in 2012 we will head off to Europe for one last chance at love. We will find love, then come home and right a best selling novel about it that will be turned into the best movie ever made and will when all sorts of awards.  These men will be rich of course so we can then settle down anywhere we want, do anything we want, and be blissfully happy forever and ever"


Sunday, June 13, 2010

breathe in deep. feel your heart beat.

why let this world weigh on your shoulders
pick it up push it off
before you let yourself colder
just look into the eyes
the good eyes of a child and see
that love rise like a river
and flow for a thousand miles
to give me some
peace love happiness
peace love happiness
peace love happiness
peace love happiness

breathe in deep
feel your heart beat
just to know that life's worth living
feel your feet on the earth
you gotta (better) love it
while it's still here spinning
I got no time to worry about troubles or misgiving
just let it go
let yourself flow
cause if you're hating
then you sure ain't living
gimme some
peace love happiness

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the search is on

my sister just caught me singing along to glee with an absurdly large smile on my face.
(nothing out of the ordinary)
she made a weird face. laughed. and said...
"you and mister shuester sure are perfect for each other."

i couldnt agree more.
now, if any one could find the real life version of this man for me, who maybe was a little less scandalous, but still had that wonderfully curly hair,  i would be forever indebted

Monday, June 7, 2010

larger than life

"...And no matter what background you have, taking an interest in art and music is to take interest in something much larger than humanity itself."  
-Jason Mraz

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

someday i'll fly away...

oh how i would love to be standing here right now. gazing out over the river Seine, gawking over Le Pont Neuf and taking in the gorgeous Parisian sky as the magnificent Eiffel Tower gleams in the background. ...someday...someday.
as for now, i suppose i will make due with marvelous Parisian dreams...
.bonne nuit mes amis.