Thursday, October 11, 2012

MoTab seats without the red snuggies...

How do you sum up an experience so incredible in one blog post? I'm not really sure. But this is an attempt nonetheless.

Let's just say I have this thing with amphitheaters and performance venues. It's the choir nerd in me, but acoustically speaking, some places are just better to sing in than others. For example, the shower is always a good choice. My laundry room is not...believe me, I have tried.

Well, let's rewind to back when I was in 6th grade, and the first session of conference was being held in the new conference center that April, I told myself I was going to sing there some day. Now, of course this initial dream came from the kid version of myself thinking that it would be when I am 60 and in MoTab with my super awesome husband of some sort. Thank heavens I didn't have to wait for THAT to happen.... it only took 12 years, but I finally made it to those cush-y, perfect posture, burgandy seats. This place is incredible. This was not my first time inside the conference center of course, but every time I step foot in this place, something else literally stuns me.
We could talk about how this place is over 1.4 million square feet, or how it is the largest auditorium IN the world. (#iknowweirdfacts) We could talk about how it seats over 21,000 people, and every time I have been to an event here, there are not many an empty chair in sight. We could talk about how the organ ranges 9 1/2 octaves, and the pipes alone range from a couple inches in height, to over 32 feet. We could talk about the gorgeous pulpit coming from Hinckley's black walnut tree, and how my heart aches a little bit whenever I see it.

I could keep going...but instead I will just have you know, that this was way more than just something to cross off my bucketlist. It was way more than just singing in a choir, and it was way more than a Relief Society broadcast.

I spent basically the whole month of September rehearsing for this, and each and every single rehearsal was been overwhelming, rejuvenating, and so rewarding. It sounds so cheesy, and I apologize since I normally don't get too preachy on this here blog of mine, but I have to document this somewhere, and this place just kind of works....

I had been hoping and wishing and praying for something to happen lately. I don't know what exactly I was wanting, I just knew I needed to be inspired somehow... and then this opportunity was literally handed to me.

It's funny how things work out, you know?

Let's just say it was perfect and I am a changed person. Highlights include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Our director...I basically worship the ground she walks on now. A junior high choir teacher from Bountiful, and my new favorite person for real. So funny, and so inspiring. I asked her if I could be in every choir she directs....
  • Having this be a 3 stake dealio meant I got to see old friends from my Holladay days, friends from college, and even make new friends. Who knew spending time with over 300 women could ACTUALLY be fun?
  • Singing. Performing. Working my vocal chords. Ohhhhh how I miss the days where this was a constant occurance. Man, it felt good to be back at it again.
  • Getting to sit in the MoTab seats WITHOUT wearing the red snuggies.
  • Buying a new skirt. Hey, it's the little things too....
  • Diving into the words of familiar primary songs, and making them come alive again. I never thought I could be emotional while singing "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" but boy was I surprised when the waterworks started up, especially during the end ...'have faith, have hope, live like His son...'
  • Singing my favorite hymn of all time "I Need Thee Every Hour," and trying to 'cry pretty' while doing it.
  • learning that you can fight a sneeze by saying the word purple, and if you have an itch, just squish your toes together in your shoe. It works. I'm sold. 
  • did I mention that organ? How about the digital button that plays 'Les Cloches de Hinckley.' That gave me chills 
  • All the 'Sister Wives' jokes.... sick. Yet funny. But not... I still would like to know who decided on white button down blouses and black skirts for a group of women...
  • Finally seeing the teleprompter....Don't ask me why, but this was a REALLY exciting moment for me.
  • Sister Burton and I are pretty tight, (serious, we have inside jokes and everything)... so it felt kind of stellar to be there for her first broadcast
  • FINALLY GETTING TO SING IN THE MOTAB SEATS!? Seriously people. Dream. Come. True. 
  • Being within feet of the prophet
  • Feeling the immediate sense of peace. Everything that was said that night was tailor made for me. Seriously. 
  • Adding this to my future MoTab resume....just kidding...kind of?
  • Getting the thumbs up at the end from Elder Uchtdorf. 
Obviously, September was a good month. That it was. 
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