Friday, January 1, 2010

its a new day, its a new year

"the only life worth living is one that you are really passionate about."
-emma pillsbury

i thought i would be like everyone else and about the upcoming new year.
all i have to say is that i am not making any new years resolutions.
why you ask?
well, because im perfect of course...
actually im far from it.
the reason is because we all know that new years resolutions always look really good on paper
or in your mind
but rarely do people reach those resolutions
(im just as guilty as the next person)
so instead of a couple of goals that will be forgot in the bustle of everyday life,
im just going to work on one thing
and that is to be happy.
i just want to work towards being happy in every sense of the word
emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc etc
i want to be passionate about life again
and find the real me
i want to find joy in the little things
instead of living day to day
and rushing towards the finish line
i need to enjoy the journey
and learn from the stumbles along the way
i want to work at my bucket list
and always add on to it
i want to love life, and feel good about myself.
i do have high hopes the new year
and know that its up to me
to make this a killer year.
bring it. bring it on.

p.s i had this song running through my head as i typed this post
theme song 2010?
its quite possible
p.s...again...i spent new years eve with my aunts and cousins watching enchanted.
haha then got pulled over on the way home for expired registration (moms car, not mine)
he asked me how much i had been drinking
i almost busted out laughing hysterically
seriously mr police man?

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah


  1. Great post. You are awesome! That's pretty funny that the cop asked how much you had been drinking. I'm not sure I would have been able to hold back the laughter. Pretty funny!

  2. I love how you started off this post with an Emma Pillsbury quote! BRILLIANT!

  3. i find you quite inspiring. just fyi. :)

  4. sometimes, i think you and i are soul mates. sometimes like when reading this post. :)