Tuesday, May 31, 2011

mr firth and books. what else is there to love?

seriously. how true is this? ahhh i love it.
im sad at how much of my reading time has been diminished by work/teaching. and im really looking forward to finding a nice balance once things start calming down a little bit.
i just love to read, and i love escaping to a new place created by a magical book.
some friends and i have decided on doing a summer book club, which im really looking forward to.
i believe our first book is the help. which i am stoked to read.
oh the world of books.
what a magical place it is.

Monday, May 23, 2011

i love life.

"the doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live"

today was one of those reflective kind of days.

as mentioned in my last post, i have been in this weird funk, and honestly i haven't been able to pinpoint where it stemmed from, but the past two days i have been in this odd reflective mood. trying to in a sense awaken myself from this funk without completely ignoring it, but finding a way where i can move past it and learn something about myself. now, this makes me sound really weird, and its not like i have been all gloomy and depressed lately, just off...i dont really know how to explain it.

but everything about today helped. i woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain, and was filled with joy. i love cracking my window, hearing the drizzle, and smelling the dirt and earth. then i watched this movie while getting ready for church. cute and a little cheesy, just how i like my movies, but with a really great message about our views on life, our personal relationship with God and the influence we can have on others. it made me happy. i seriously loved the movie. church was wonderful as well. nothing necessarily stood out to me today, but just being at church always puts me in a good mood, and rejuvenates me in every sense of the word. then the home teacher came over, and the roommates and i all kind of opened up a little more than usual and a lot of things were brought to light today. after wards, we talked, and laughed, and cried and then went on a drive. it was beautiful and rainy and exactly the escape i needed.

sometimes i think we all lose our focus, and it takes a slap in the face, or a stumble for to figure it out again. there are a lot of things i want to refocus on, and i love that all i needed was a rainy weekend and a tear jerking movie for me to realize it. i love life.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are...

hello world. im back!
i dont really know why i have been blog neglecting lately, and have totally deprived all of you with something interesting to read via the blogosphere, but i can come up two excuses if you really are  dying to know?
they are:
A. my life is super duper busy, and i have to occasionally remind myself to eat and do other important things
B. i have been in this weird funk lately, where nothing seems interesting and everything in life seems weird, so therefore...nothing to blog about.
until now.
well, really nothing all that mind blowing has happened,
but the truth is, i cant stay away from my little blog for too long...and that little blog title up there is my new motto, no more weeks on funk. so here i am, and these are my random thoughts as of late....ready...begin....

everyone knows that i love rain, like more than the next person...but its hard loving rain and having to keep 23 ten year olds inside all day because its too rainy.  vicious vicious world.

so today was  "judgment day" right? interesting...my roommates and i can't tell if we survived. i guess we will know at church tomorrow if we are the only ones that show up? haha (we think we are a little bit funny)

i still wish there was more time in the day simply to listen to music.

sometimes, i wish i had a boyfriend so he could help me grade papers. hahaha okay, maybe thats not the only reason, but that would be extremely helpful...just sayin hahaha

i seriously have a love/hate relationship with facebook. gotta love good old FB, but sometimes i get so annoyed. i had an explanation all typed out, but im sure that will just offend someone, so just use your imagination when i say, stop sharing more than you need to!

speaking of which, this is what just came to mind: "Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof?" ahh funny movie.

anyways, did i mention i bought a new car? yes! and i love it. a lot. and i DIDNT completely buy a new car based on the fact that it was aggie blue...okay...maybe a little bit. shoot.

i told you i would find a new song on the album soon. well. this is definitely the one. maybe this one too. oh and the beat of this one is awesome. ahh she's amazing.

im also obsessed with this song as of late. and these guys are super super awesome!

i also like 'legit' graduated this month. which was weird because i actually in fact legit graduated like almost 5 months ago, but this was the symbolic graduation i suppose. it was lovely. i got to wear the cap and gown, traipse across the stage praying i dont trip, and take pictures will all my lovely usu friends. it was really fun, and the family all came for it, so it was a fantabulous day. yay! go aggies!

sometimes its kind of hard being the youngest teacher in the school. but i love my school and have the best job in the world, so i can deal with it.

especially because hilarious awesome things happen every day. like on wednesday when i had approximately 54 children in my classroom and a live chicken. priceless.

remember how i was so upset about not getting peeps this year? ya well my mom brought me some. she loves me :)

i hate season finales. the cliffhangers! gasp!

i am so excited for summer! there are soooo many adventures in the making, i can't even contain myself. i love summer and i love my friends!!!

and now for pictures because duh, you need pictures in every post!

 i was very happy indeed :)

 i love these girls! hooray for eled friends :)

 <3 happy


 we tried to get a jumping picture...it was difficult

 i love everything about my happy Logan place

this is one of my best friends kren. we dont know how to take serious pictures. ever.
also she is really tall. and her little surprise is coming in december and i CAN. NOT. WAIT!


its like midnight and im seriously dying. im going too bed! im too old to stay up late these days! but i promise, i will be back to my little blog more often, not that any of you care, but i just feel as if i should reassure myself. ta ta for now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we could've had it all

for the past 3 months, i have seriously been obsessed with this song:

and then lo and behold this happens:


such an amazing interpretation of this song. and boy do i love jonathan groff...
the only thing that bugs me, is that everyone and their cat loves this song now... it shouldnt bug me, but it does. oh well.....i will get over it eventually, cause this song and the entire adele album is just fantabulous.

ps i promise i will for real blog soon. life is crazy. gotta love it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ferries, tulips, and a whole lotta fun

remember how i went on a glorious adventure to seattle and never shared happy details with you? i blame that on a combination of 1. i wanted to get all the pictures and 2. i was lazy and too busy cleaning my apartment and watching season 1 of ugly betty....so now that i have all the pictures, and am done with season 1, i can share with you the fantastic, thrilling, wonderful and fun filled adventures of whitney, kasidy, and sara in the pacific northwest.

we were basically traveling for 6 days. slc-boise-seattle-all around the seattle area-boise-salt lake. ya, a lot of driving is right! but we had some good chats, good laughs, and some good naps (not the driver of course). but it was definitely an adventure. i think the best game we played in the car was "tell us your whole life story" and then "sara picks songs that define the relationship that you will have with the boy you like" believe me, there were some good ones in there.

also, i think one of the best things we did overall was look for random washington boyfriends we could take back to salt lake with us. any boy we thought was cute, we quickly devised a plan of action, and then...did nothing....except imagine that the glorious meet-cute had actually worked out, and we would be planning an october wedding. sounds thrilling eh? well i assure you it was. there were lots of potential meet-cutes (if you dont know what this means...see here. its what every girl wants badly), but sadly we are now back in SLC and not a single one of them came back with us. i found one at the EMP (experience music project museum) which i thought was perfect...but it ended there. i also had one planned out in my head... as we sat waiting for the monorail, i imagined a dashing young man accidentally tripping and falling down into the tracks, where i would in turn jump down and save him but he would have a bad head injury and then long story short, i would fall in love with his amazingly amazing brother while he was sleeping. one can only dream right?

so, im sure you are super bored with my ramblings, and just want to see pictures right? so first things first, remember this post where i mentioned a bucketlist item? well, that came true and it was definitely the highlight for me. and that ladies and gentlemen was the skagit valley tulip festival. oh my own little slice of heaven on earth...just wish i could have shared it with my ma too :)

another great adventure was getting to take our roommate liz with us. well kind of...real liz had to work so we took 'flat liz' to seattle instead...you know, like flat stanley? well, it was fun. its hard to remember to get pictures with your flat friend, but she sure enjoyed the sights! yay liz! liz hooray!

there were indeed many adventures had on this glorious trip. we played lots, ate amazing food (seriously, we vowed to only eat at trendy washington-esque places and it was glorious) we stayed with basically complete strangers who were in fact some of the nicest people in the world, took lots of jumping pictures, made several twilight/vampire references, slept like little babies at night, and just had a grand old time. can i please go back tomorrow? thanks. appreciate it :)

i also kind of crossed off another bucketlist item...orcas island! i have always wanted to go, and that folks is exactly what we did. now, what i really want is to spend an entire week on orcas island sailing, relaxing and whale watching, but the fact that we went and drove around the entire island (literally) was magical and filled me with joy...you see, i love ferries. a lot a lot. as mcdreamy said in the very first season of greys "theres this thing i have for ferries..." im with you buddy. also, i have an obsession with this movie and have for...a long time. and although the movie was not filmed on orcas island, thats where its takes place. so, hopefully my week on orcas island will come someday, and preferably with my own version of patrick dempsey, because apparently thats where my obsession lies...whatever.

seriously folks. the entire week was great. and if you are planning a trip up yonder, make sure and hit up some of my new favorite sights and eateries. silence heart nest (yes that is the name of it, and clearly part of what makes it amazing) also, the pink door, ivars (classic, but a must), and so many more.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

he never ceases to amaze me

a quote from the one and only jason.
do i even have to mention my undying love for this man?
ya, i didnt think so.

"I am who I am today because my mom encouraged me to do it. If you have kids, or if you work with kids, or simply have access to kids (but not in a creepy sort of way) don’t wait for them to decide what they want to do. Encourage them to try it all on. I worry our kids are racing to be adults when what I mostly see around me are adults racing back to being kids."