Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 things from today

1. tomorrow is my last day in 1st grade! hoorah! im taking the kids pencils and smarties..haha im so weird

2. freeeeee album download!! mikey wax's album "The Traveler" is pretty sweet. im a fan. go download it here. its like james blunt meets one republic meets the normal john mayer meets landon pigg meets someone else i cant think of 

3. this is why sara and i are BFF- text from sara earlier this morning: "today is the day that i 'like' everything on your wall. i laughed really hard, but didnt think about it until i got on facebook and this is what i saw:

oh how i love her...

 4. the friendly parisian has done it again folks. i love the awesomeness of todays picture. totally unique.
and just plain great. i heart the paris daily photo blog
5. my gilmore girl quote of the day said: "College is breaking my spirit. Every single day telling me things i dont know. Its making me feel stupid" nicely put Marty...aka, naked guy. 
why is it that gilmore girls describes my life soooo perfectly?

6. it was decided that i will be the next mrs. frizzle. except...zirkle. bah haha it think im okay with that

7. this weekend is indeed going to be sooooo fun. dinner with my level 3 girls. sleeping in. and a really awesome photo shoot...that im sure all 12 of my blog readers will see pictures of soon enough.

8. as was posted on my facebook status last night, i realized that i have neglected my fish for approximately 3 weeks....king george is still emily said, "thats what he gets for having an ELED major for an owner" amen emily. amen

9. who knew work could be so fun

10. my 'summer glow' lotion smells something like rotting milk, but im hoping it gives me a radiant brown color until summer camp starts. plus it only cost 3 bucks, so i cant really expect much.

also, i love peonies.
and im really excited for my sunflowers and red poppies to grow. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

mickey mouse will even be there

the awesomeness of this weekend
deserves a real post.
i mean i posted on my happy blog
but its was just so great
it deserves a 2nd blog

basically it was FANTASTIC
soooo fun.
sooooo random
and soooo perfect.
just hanging out with the girls
laughing far too much
talking way too much
and just being awesome.

here are some stellar pics to prove it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

stupid plate tectonics

this absolute obsession for tyler ward is getting a little out of control
but i just cant help it when he does awesome things like this and this

last week,
i was blogging during the earthquake.
yes there was an earthquake here in little old logan
and it caused me to feel a strange sea sick feeling for a good 2 hours
when i told my mom about it she at first didnt belive me,
then she said "well dont die, you have to come home tomorrow"
thanks ma
then i tol my little bro samuel
he said "gosh! stupid plate tectonics are ruining our lives"

going home 3 weeks before the semester ends in NOT a good idea
it was not easy to leave
not easy at all

my i-pod of life has been found
sooo glad.
soooooooooo glad.

where is my school-related motivation?
where did it all go?
i have motivation to do other things
like sleep, blog, waste time on facebook,
watch movies, and sleep some more
but school motivation is very much gone

in my mind im planning summer camp activities
which is not good cause i still have a good
5 or so lesson plans to write in the next 2 weeks
but all i want to do is think about fairmont pool days,
samoa ball, battle ball, and field trips to the discovery center

kym brought me a subway sandwhich today at work.
love her.

pretty sure its a good thing i am moving to salt lake
because i sure have been traveling that way a lot lately
and will continue to do so this weekend
and next weekend
and one weekend in may
and one weekened in june
and probably one weekend in july

i want to do something stellar for birthday number twenty two this summer

the fact that glee was on tonight
and i was STUCK at work
was torture.

this one time i went tanning a lot in one week becuase it was spring break
i got really dark.
then real life started over again
im no longer dark

my boss (for my summer job)
called me a facebook junkie.

sara really explained our friendship best when she said
"its like hanging out with myself, only theres 2 of me!"
gosh sara. get your own personality ;)
love it!

alright. thats enough of my really pointless ramblings.
enjoy this picture
and have a superb evening.
i gotta go watch glee

Sunday, April 18, 2010

stupid tradition

okay that makes 2 bouquets caught in the past year.
im beginning to think this tradition is stupid
haha its just not working!
at least i get some pretty flowers out of it.
thats something.

p.s. i have lots to blog about.
maybe someday i will have a chance to take a break from writing lesson plans
and assignments
and be able to breathe!
but for now, read my dear friend sara's blog post
on our fantastic weekend...
it was pretty stellar
and she summed it up PERFECTLY
i couldnt have dont a better job
love her! sooooo much

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Music is well said to be the speech of angels.
In fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine.
It brings us near to the infinite. -Thomas Carlyle

Monday, April 12, 2010

sing off...the parking lot...5 o' there

some of you may understand the greatness that is coming my way tues night
(and your way if you choose to accept)
but just fyi...
this is a day i have been waiting 4 months for.
call me crazy
call me obsessed.
call me ridiculous,
whatever you call me,
be sure to call me a gleek
cause thats what i am.
and im proud of it.

also...i found this song today.
and im lovin it.
happy tuesday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


my brother texted me and it simply said "jambo...this is samuel"
i think i laughed for a good 15 minutes.
that kid is awesome

tomorrow is fruitcake friday.
and following that is stupendous saturday.
basically just a wonderful weekend will soon unfold

i need a sewing machine.
first thing im doing when i get home
is making several of these

i really want to pre-order this
i have previewed several songs
and already know it will be the new
soundtrack of my summer

4 days. 4 days. 4 days!
i may or may not have switched my shift for the occasion.
dont underestimate the power of obsession.
it completely overtakes you :P

in high school, i was mocked for my closet full 
of every colored flip flop that old navy produced
(that is no exaggeration. i have sources that could confirm)
and wearing 500 braclets that matched my outfits.
i heart flip flops.
and i totally whipped out my stash of bracelets.
i forgot how awesome they are.

the finale of gilmore girls
will never cease to cause tears upon tears to stream down my face
followed by an extremely unsettling feeling
which turns into anger at the fact that the show should 
NOT have ended that way.
which in the end leads to vicarious amounts of time
surfing the internet in hopes of a GG revival.
no good.

this thing is pretty legit.
but im sure i dont have to tell anyone that.
it pretty much speaks for itself.

i planned and wrote an entire science unit today for 1st graders.
as annoying and time consuming as it was...
it was kind of fun
*dont hold me to that statement*

seriously, these books are really fantastic
i dont know if i can wait 136 days for number 3.
book number 2 only took my 5 hours to read
because its just that good.
#3 better not disappoint. 

i created a piano, relaxing, classical station on pandora.
i named it 'study/sleep...take your pick'
as for now, i chose to sleep.
good night world.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

counting down...

i like counting down to things
it makes me happy.
here are the awesome things coming my way.

3 days..........happy valley extravaganza with sara michelle and em nevers
4 dear friend jeanette's wedding and seeing miss katie!
6 days..........glee glee glee! which= a celebration with kym :)
10 days..........i get to go HOME for the weekend!!!
11 days..........daniele's wedding!
24 days..........last day of classes!
31 days..........moving home home home!
62 days..........playcamp starts
72 days..........katies WEDDING!!
193 days..........till i graduate and am done
201 days..........till christmas

i will stop there...for now :)

my heart is broken

i got an email from the Jason Mraz store this morning at 11:41 am.
i didnt see it untill 2:14 pm
as soon as i read the email
i rushed over to see how much this awesome new item was going to cost me
im a sucker for anything jason mraz...
and 100% of the proceeds go to Surfrider Foundation,
(a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans, waves and beaches) come on. i LOVE oceans and waves and beaches.
well WHAT do you know!
by 2:14 pm they were sold out.
gone. zip. nadda. no more.
i even put my name on a waiting list, and 2 hours later i got this email:

2 months? for serious?
kill me.
how will i survive?
i will die of thirst!
and a broken heart!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


more goodness!
its been an entire 2 months since this was released and i had no clue!
all this wasted time
that i could have been listening to the stellar EP
including 6 fantabulous songs.
dang. i better make up for lost time!
i already love orange colored sky simply because it reminds me of these days:

happy days.
we performed this song at the gene harris jazz festival in sun valley.
by far the best trip of all time.
i miss these people.
and i miss these times.