Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2,074 miles is far

There are the times in all of our lives when we have to face the facts of growing up.
There's the working, and the bills, 
and the major life decisions, 
and the dating crap (just wait for a fascinating post on that in the near future), 
and the bills,
and the dating crap  
and the blah blah blah....

And we just all think to ourselves
"How did this happen? I did not sign up for this junk, and I demand to be taken off this crap list..."
Maybe it's just me, but I have had that thought many a time even in my 24 years.
Well, today was one of those days where something just down right unfair happened.
My best friend left.
Now it was one thing when she got married 2 years ago,
I approved of this marriage and gave it the go-ahead...
plus I lived a 15 minute drive away at the most,
I couldn't really complain, right?
BUT, it's another thing when said husband decides to pull a fast one 
and transport my life line across the country!
That's 2,074 miles away people.
35 straight driving hours.
Across like 10 states!
That's really far!
And really unfair. 
I'm just feeling particularly upset today.
I texted her after work, and she was just plowing through Nebraska...
(no pun intended)
And here I am in Utah, Katie Craigo less,
Revenge-watching-buddy-less (don't judge)
and feeling blue.
Who will reminisce of those dear Logan days with me?
Who will go to Citrus with me?
Who will I go on Ikea runs with?
Who will watch ridiculous movies with me?
Who will crotchet me awesome blankets now?
Seriously, this is no fun...

Let's just say a trip across those 10 states is in my near future. 
I will definitely be flying, and not driving 3 days, but
it is sure to be epic.
DC Cherry blossoms AND Katie is one trip?
Heck to the yes.
Is it April yet?!
You are missed....obviously!
I hope the Cafe Rio out there is gross so you come back soon!

P.S. Katie I totally looked for our foot holding picture. That was a special moment we shared.... LOVE YOU!


  1. So sorry..it's tough growing up! She will come back the humidity is horrid! Love you Whit♥

  2. It's hot and humid, I don't really know where I am and MY WHITNEY IS FAR FAR AWAY! This is going to take some time to get used to but together we will persevere and talk and text and fly back and forth as much as possible! I miss you so much already!

  3. Amen Sister! This is a great post and I feel your pain... A sad day indeed!