Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birds come down from sky so blue...

do not fear! i am alive, just have neglected my blog. i went on a fantabulous roadtrip, with 2 fantabulous girlfriends, and am currently working on that post. it was an epic adventure...so it takes time. until them:

1. have i mentioned that im obsessed with Toms? ya. now own 3 pairs...and its only a matter of time until i own more. judge away.

2. i love when fantastic things happen when you least expect it. for example i randomly went to provo a few weekends ago to visit my friend jennifer. we were going to eat at some mexican resturant, but ended up going to brick oven. well it was simply meant to be, because i most definitely ran into my dear friend Emily....it was happy. i heart her.

3. i think im borderline obsessed with this song

4. is it june yet? im dying for season 3 of Drop Dead Diva

5. speaking of which....the Drop Dead Diva soundtrack just may be the BEST purchase of my life. sooooo entertaining. pretty sure this show was made for me...yep. its definite.

6. did you watch 'beyond the blackboard' last night? can't wait to get it on dvd. love stacey. love the movie. love being a teacher. happy.

7. have i mentioned that i have to buy a new bookshelf, because i have a small dvd problem? so embarassing...and so fantastic

8. spiced orange harvest people. you have until WEDNESDAY folks!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

9. only in the LDS church would i have participated in an easter egg hunt at almost 23 years old, and hear during the opening prayer "as we search for easter eggs and feel of thy spirit" oh man gotta love it!

10. kasidy and i went to two different stores today in search of easter peeps. im quite depressed that i didnt get any at all this easter season. my favorite thing is stale peeps! sigh...

11. still off track, and currently without a car for the next week. sigh.....my apartment is going to be very clean and very well organized...just sayin

and a mini sneak peek of my fantastic adventure...

peace. love. happiness.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Because when you know something, its yours forever...

I honestly don't even know how to start this post, because I don't know how to effectively express something that means so much to me, without sounding ridiculous...but here it goes anyways.

I distinctly remember being in Miss Sanderson's 3rd grade class, and deciding that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I wanted to be in school for the rest of my life, because I loved it that much. I loved learning and I wanted to teach others to love learning. I remember always playing school in Emily's garage, and demanding to be the teacher. I would give Emily and my little brother Ethan 'assignments' that they would need to complete before the next day. Well, as you can see, not a whole lots has changed. I had a dream, and I did it. I am a teacher now, and I couldn't be more happy. Yes there are struggles, yes the legislature is a bunch of crap, and nothing in the education system is fair, but I do what I love. I work with kids every day and I have the opportunity to make a difference, even if it be small and simple.

Well, last year during student teaching, I had the opportunity to work with 3 amazing women who will always hold a special place in my heart. Two cooperating teachers who taught me more than they will ever know, and one supervisor who guided me and helped me be the best I could be. My supervisor was Stacey Bess, and she is without a doubt a remarkable woman. The first time I met her, I was a scared little pre-teacher, intimidated by her teaching history and amazing-ness. At the age of 23, Stacey was assigned to teach at the 'school' at the homeless shelter in downtown Salt Lake. She was given no resources, no training, but just told to show up and hopefully keep the kids off the street. So what did she do? She changed lives. The experiences she had as a young teacher are remarkable and as she shared her story at our little pre student teaching orientation, I was moved to tears....well, more like sobs. Then I found out she was my supervisor, and I was scared to death. How could I ever impress a teacher that had impacted so many lives? How could I teach in front of her without being nervous? But then I met her face to face, and knew I could learn so much from her and was excited to begin the journey. She came in every other week to observe my teaching, and always gave me great advice and ideas to help improve. We had seminars with the other student teachers in the school, and we usually ended up just talking and laughing about who knows what.

During student teaching I read and re-read her book "Nobody Don't Love Nobody" 3 times, and am almost finished with it again. It is seriously an amazing story that makes me multiple times throughout the book. Well, Hallmark purchased the rights to her book and made it into a movie entitled "Beyond the Blackboard", and tonight I had the chance to see one of the first screenings of it in Logan. To say I cried throughout the entire movie would be a complete understatement. It was a beautiful movie, yes cheesy Hallmark-ish at times, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The movie showcased how remarkable of a woman Stacey is, and what she did to help change the lives of these people. Watching the movie definitely gave me that reassuring feeling that I am in the right profession, that I am lucky to be a teacher, and lucky to have the opportunity to make a small difference.

Clearly, it was a wonderful experience. And to be able to talk to Stacey afterward was fabulous. The movie is going to be aired on CBS on Sunday, April 24th and I think everyone should watch it. Its cute, its funny, its happy, and its a touching story about an amazing teacher. What more could you ask for?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

its been a day

today was wonderful
wonderful indeed.
"started" my day off up till 3 am having much needed 'meaningful' conversation with my dear froomie Liz. boy can we talk for hours.
then slept for a few hours, and started the morning in the best possible way.
temple baptisms with miss katie jane

oh it was glorious.
and one thing that made me happy, was that i was baptised for a women named annie, who was born on july 26, 1879
yup thats my birthday...just 109 years prior
 have i ever mentioned how i love flowers?
 the camera was accidently on zoom...it cracks me up though
 oh what a beautiful day it was!
 we tried to get the flowers in our picture...we failed due to a blindingly bright sun
 i sure do love this place
then we ventured over the JSMB for some scrumptious omelets
katie went to work,
i went to the gym
i went to dinner with my froomies
and then a most epic sorority night took place.
lots of laughs. lauren's engagement announcement and flower passing. (EEEEK CONGRATS!)
and then a most entertaining 'dating panel'
oh gotta love sigma!
 these are from tuesdays random crepe night...oh yes.

and now, i top the night off with a little saturdays warrior with liz.
no one understands how much i love this movie...
okay, maybe brittany does...
(my dad doesnt understand, he's the one that hid the movie from me for so many months when i was little. rude)
did i ever mention brittany and i went and saw it on stage, followed by the premier sequel to saturday's warrior, entitled "white star" oh yes. it was epic.
i wish i could share some of the songs with you, they were that great
i know one song had lyrics that went like this:

"open up the church let's have a party bring a casserole and hire a band
everybody dance and shout for joy and sing along
set another place at the table
dont forget to bring the lamb
our brothers coming home"

obviously, some of the best lyrics ever...

and no for some ramblings...because thats what i do best
1. im literally addicted to smart water. i crave it. more than natural water...ahhh i need some now!
2. although, now that i think about it, i might just really like the bottles.... no its the actualy smart water the majority of the time
3. considering a facebook fast just to prove that i could do it...i have to ponder this though. i do have a slight addiction, maybe
4. yay for roadtrip springbreak next week!
5. being the 'unwanted' one is quite a strange feeling...not a huge fan, but i will get over it
6. i feel like i wasn't invited to sign up for the class flirty 1010. how come? i feel like that could b helping me significantly
7. it just occured to me that i have not mentioned my newest obsession. well, that obsession is most definitely this show. why yes, it does look cheesy ridiculous (but you should all know my now that those are my favorite) but honestly it is brilliants. serious, its MY kind of humor. and it is just grand. you should probably give it a try.
8. also this moment on 30 Rock was genius. pure genius.  
9.  if you have been a reader of my blog for some time, you may remember my tendency to get obsessed with american idol. notice anything different this year? ya, well thats 100% attributed to the fact that i just dont have cable...someday maybe. well the interesting part to this is that my MOTHER is the one that is obsessed. every week she tells me all about it, and its quite entertaining...so apparently you should vote for casey? thats what she says at least. if only i knew.
10. awkward story...i was at the gym today, in the locker room, and as im at the sink washing my hands, a girl walks out of the stall...with a pregnancy test in her hand. really? was that really the time and place? whatev!
11. today we literally experience all 4 seasons. woke up to spring, felt (and smelled) summer this afternoon, felt (and smelled) autumn around dinner time, and drove home from sigma in the snow. pardonne moi? 
12. they revealed some of the hungers games for the hunger games movie. WHAT?! i just dont know how i feel. gale is not supposed to be the pretty one. i hated GALE! and the kid whos playing peeta is only 18? i mean yes it fits with the book, but come one! sheesh. dont get me wrong, im still excited and cant wait to see it, but im just so unsure in this moment....

ten seemed like a fabulous place to stop. but you got twelve. whatevs. i gotta go to bed....
peace. love. and happiness friends!

p.s. wow this is long. oops. 

day 01 ...your favorite song

FYI- this is the 30 day song challenge. it sounded fun, so i vote its a go.

*of course the first day is clearly the hardest one ever...who really has one favorite song?
grrr. so i have very carefully and painfully narrowed it down to a few favorites.
mind you, these will most likely change tomorrow.
roll with it, thats how i work.

favorite coldplay song

favorite jason song

favorite song as of late

PHEW!!! that was hard...

Monday, April 11, 2011

what feelings sound like

i think the passion i have for music is clearly something that i have made a point conveying on my blog. its my way of expression, whether it be what i am listening to, how i am listening to it, or what i am singing. theres just something that i feel, that i cant describe in words...music makes me who i am. so when i saw this post by my friend lindsay, i was moved. the video is 14 some odd minutes long, but let me just tell you that i had chills the entire 14 minutes. i even teared up a little. music is such an infinite power...and how amazing is this? eric whitacre is simply a genius. watch this. you seriously won't be sorry.

you better believe virtual choir 3.0 im going to find a way to be a part of...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the inevitable

"Being buried by your own thoughts and fears, especially when you know it’s happening, can feel like a burden with a rusty flat-tired wheelbarrow turned over on top of it, where spiders and snakes like to hide before they SURPRISE! you. Fortunately, surprises are inevitable and keep us from being buried, even if means enduring the venom. Gratitude is generally the antidote."-Jason Mraz

Why is it that this man 
who i have never met, 
yet absolutely adore, 
seems to say just about exactly 
what i need to hear? 
And in the most fantastic way? 
oh, I just love him. 
In case you hadn't caught on to that yet...which im sure you have.

"What Was THAT?! And where did all those stars come from?"

i had a blog post in the works, and i just went to finish is...and somehow its gone. i dont approve. im actually quite bothered, because i dont even remember what it said. so...i guess it wasnt important.

this week was insane. i feel like it was maybe like 2.7 weeks, when in reality it was only one. i went off track this week, and had to move out of my classroom, and teach at the same time. plus there was something going on every night. monday fhe. tuesday birthday shopping with jesika. wednesday birthday celebrating in honor of the wonderful katie jane. thursday was the end of year sigma celebration. and friday was tale of two cities (again) and playing with the girls. phew! thats a busy yet FABULOUS week! and can i just say that seeing tale of two cities again was definitely one of the highlights. i followed the story much better, since it had been so long since i had read the book, and i definitely bawled the ENTIRE second half. no joke. it didnt help that 'young gaspard' was played by one of my former students (he was adorable in it!) but his character dies, and it got to me...bad. such a beautiful and heartbreaking story, and amazing musical. im obsessed to say the least.

saturday kym came down for a visit, and we went to this charming little belgian waffle place downtown called Bruges Waffles and Frites, which was to DIE for.  holy cow. new favorite for sure. then we went and saw Kings Speech and I was honestly astounded. amazing movie, brilliantly filmed. the only part that was dumb, was how they edited it from R to PG-13. the way they did it was ridiculous, and made me kind of mad. BUT it is definitely worth seeing over and over again. and it further affirmed my love of colin firth, that has been a part of me since i was little (i know he's old...whatever) so...GO SEE IT! yay! after that we had an ikea adventure with a bunch of other girls,  and dinner at chilis. i LOVE the weekends! and i LOVE when kym comes to visit!

i finished off the night with Tangled and a sleep over in my living room with katie jane and jesika. it was lovely, but im realizing im old now and cant sleep on the floor successfully....gotta love it.

tomorrow marks my first day off track. im excited to take some 'me' time. go to the temple, the gym, and relax for a few weeks. honestly though, im definitely going to miss my kids! 4 whole weeks without their randomness?! how will i survive? haha im sure i will be ok...but it is a long time! i guess that means i love my job or something...

but needless to say, it was a fabulous, yet long week and i am exhausted. im ready for bed, and am looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow. hope everyone had a most triumphant week!

and now i leave you with a picture of my awesome girls and i. oh, i heart them :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

arrrr beeee ellllll

R B L are my 3 favorite letters right now...

pathetic. simply pathetic.
somebody help

oh life......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

cheese pie

the pile of books i have beside my bed that i will be reading while off track is exciting and overwhelming. i seriously can't wait to dive in and read for pleasure again without zonking out after two minutes.

went and saw 'tale of two cities' the musical at hale center theater this week. seriously amazing. had me in serious tears by the end. and the man who played sydney? ahhh swoon. also, add that to the top of the above mentioned list of books to read again.

seriously obsessed with this song from the show.

taking a roadtrip vacation in a few weeks and FINALLY crossing off one of my bucketlist items...stay tuned...

when a boy calls me 'whit' theres no turning back. *swoon* blast it all....

i cant honestly say 2011 is so far the best year of my life. so happy!

im becoming a nail polish addict. i buy too many new colors, and i paint my nails at least twice a week. do i need to call a number and get help, or am i ok?

mom, gretch, grandma and aunt e were in town this weekend. boy do i love family :) hate to see them go...

conference was amazing this weekend...need to catch up on a few talks that i missed, but i love how specific and applicable the talks were this session. definitely things i needed to hear and be reminded about. love it!

went and say jane eyre with mom, gretch, dott and tess. can you say amazing? wow. so well done. add that to the books to read while im off

lots of snow today. what the? why? i just want spring! i packed away my winter boots already! this is ridiculous!

also went to the carl bloch exhibit this weekend. (yes i willingly went to provo) and it was well worth it. what a beautiful exhibit...so glad i had the chance to see it!

cheese pie has become a staple term in our apartment...it takes too long to explain...but just know thats its awesome. and now...im off for a bit of cheese pie. happy sunday!