Thursday, July 29, 2010

the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more...

there is something about a cello that just awakens my soul...
*note-i havent even watched these videos, so who knows what they contain. i just listen to the should you...

love. love. love.

gotta find me a J-14 mag...

*hahaha remember the J-14 magazines? oh boy.*

i will flat out admit it right here and now.
i can distinctly remember having this exact picture 
(as well as several others of the same nature) 
posted on my wall, a good ten years ago.

my only question to you is...would it be weird if i did it again?
not the same picture know?
cause i mean seriously!!!
i hopped on the bandwagon and saw inception tonight.
just to figure out what everyone was talking about
and i LOVED IT
well yes, i was utterly confused for the vast majority of it
but i found it wonderfully intriguing and just plan awesome.
and so i think im going to revert back to my teeny-bopper days 
and find some leo pics
cause i will flat out admit it one more time.
im crushin on this dude again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

instruments of peace

"lord make us instruments, of your peace. 
where there is hatred let your love increase. 
lord make us instruments, of your peace. 
walls of pride and prejudice shall cease. 
when we are your instruments of peace."

boy do i miss capital singers sometimes...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

love like its all that we know.

1. a few days ago i was sitting in my room, taking a break from homework, jamming to glee, and painting my nails with my favorite purple-y polish. all of a sudden dream on started play. this makes me quite happy, cause i heart this song and i heart matthew morrison like there is no tomorrow. well a few seconds into the song  as im belting away, i randomly look at my nail polish and see that it is named 'dream on.' few things in life could have made me that happy....

2. today as i was doing homework, i learned all about baroque period of music. you know the lively flute playing music? well, just so you know, the entire time i just kept laughing  because the whole hour lecture i listened to, all i could think of was this....

3. had the most fantastic weekend!.... bffs. sharis. giggling. sleep talking. bringing bffs to work. shopping. more shopping. seeing the best movie ever. new favorite song. shopping. yummy dinner in BODO. gallivanting around the river. picture taking. driving. random band on campus that was quite awful. mosquito bites. zac efron. sleeping in. pioneer day. BSB youtube marathon. finding my BSB cd. random short bus shuttle to the park. arriving at the park 6 hours early. cotton candy. funnel cake. sleeping in the shade. new awesome band. two of my campers showed up. watching a random cat fight right before macy gray comes on stage being surprised by how much we enjoyed macy gray. anxiously waiting. still waiting. BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT. falling in love with 2 new BSB songs. shape of my heart. 'they still got it!' feeling like a twelve year old dream came true. best lemonade of my life. short bus shuttle back to the car. off to merritts. jukebox selections of the night...'dream on,' 'fat bottomed girls,' and 'does your mother know.' so tired and sunburned. must sleep. ahhhhhhh. soooo happy.

4. almost done with class #1. then...gotta get going on class #2. gahhh summer is going by too quickly. someone make it stop?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

have a cup of sunshine

Well the newest obsession, courtesy of MUSIC 1010 is Camille Saint-Saƫns: The Carnival of the Animals, particularly The Swan Movement...or The Aquarium. crap The Finale is pretty awesome too. hard to decide.

i didnt think it could ever happen, but Viva la Vida has been passed up by TWO songs on my itunes play count. coming in at number one is Glee version of Poker Face and number two is Hey Soul Sister. What am i saying, im really not that shocked...but its quite intriguing.

well, David has done it again. <3 <3 <3 well, i love it anyways :)

funny things kids said today: 
6 year old girl-'i never want to get married! that would be soooo embarrassing being in front of so many people. i wish i was a boy too so i wouldn't have to get pregnant."
13 year old boy- 'why don't girls have adams apples?'
10 year old girl-'being 21 is a fun age, there are lots of things you can go do in vegas.'

ok this suite is pretty fantastic too. just sayin.

some of you probably know that my 2 favorite foods happen to not really be foods at all. call me 4, but i just get complete satisfaction over snowcones and cotton candy. its basically total happiness to me. so when i saw this, it immediately was put on my bucket list of places to visit. i mean, COME ON!

dont worry september 21st is already marked on my calendar
AND i intend to make a paper chain this weekend :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

ooo pick me!

check out these darling flowers some friends of mine make and sell!
and right now they are doing a flower giveaway!
i have got to get my hands on one of these!
love them!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

more than just a quick hello

  • found the cutest apartment this weekend :) my bedroom is about the size of a closet, but im so stoked to move in!
  • although this brings up the fact that summer is almost over and i have very little crossed off my ultimate summer list. gahhhhhh where does time go.
  • this coming week brings about very happy things...number one: two of my very favoritest people are coming to see me. number two: we are going to do awesome things like this which include really awesome things like this and then probably this. and number 3: its tropical week at work, we are going iceskating (oxymoron) and im thinking of digging out my coconut bra to wear. yes?
  • why is it that you ALWAYS think of all the things you have to do right when you are about to fall asleep?
  • i really like when things work out better than expected.
  • 4 weeks of camp left...which only means 8 more free snowcones. ahhhh!
  • some things just make life that much more my igoogle homepage that takes a new clip of the eiffel tower every 10 seconds...or like firefox persons? or more specifically this persona. happy.
  • this picture was one of those 'gasp' moments for me. i dont know why. but i gasped. 
  • so glad i got to see my katie leefer/craigo this weekend. seriously. you have no idea how much i needed that...
  • call me crazy, but i kind of sort of love one of my online music classes. haha why? because i get to listen to learn about this fantastic song.(which i have to come to absolutely love) also this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one....oh heck i could go on forever! i love music!
  • favoritest text from this week? "so i was doing leg workouts in my room when i looked up and saw this picture. then i busted up laughing when i found it motivating me to do more." (sorry. im not sharing the picture fellow blog readers. just use your imagination)
  • currently washing my tye dye shirt out that we made at work last week. my swirly worked! and it makes me strangely VERY happy. 
  • the moon last night was all harvesty and orange. do you have ANY idea how much i love autumn?
  • um pretty much obsessed with this new TW song but am NOT so fond of the pretty blonde with a RING on her finger. gahhhh. i must go to CO immediately.
  • i really like this quote. :) 'Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one
  • i really. really. really. want to go see toy story 3 this week. 
  • one of my girl friends is leaving on her mission this week. best of luck Jord. you will be a fantabulous missionary!
  • facebook has been disappointing this week. 'somebody do something!' ahhhh i miss gwen
  • kym and i are considering both driving 2+ hours just so we can see this together. 
  • im thinking of making this my new might help me to be more optimistic or something :P haha
  • well i have wasted enough time for to do more music homework. happy sunday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i love me some good music

just thought everyone should know... that i have been obsessed with this song for the past 3 weeks.
dont know why, but the music just makes me want to dance around and the lyrics just make me happy in that empowering kind of way...does that make sense? 
probably not...but i cant think of any other way to explain it. so regardless of whether i make sense or not, i just love this song. and i think you should probably check it out.

this is another one...yes it has demi lovato in it, and yes i kind of like her, and yes i still watch the disney channel frequently. is there something i should be ashamed of? ...i didnt think so.

okay one more. i found this song randomly on itunes, and now im semi obsessed.
and the best part is, i found out they are totally performing at the backstreet boys concert im going to at the end of this month. totally. awesome. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

courtesy of the red white and blue

(the post is entitled as such, because i thought i should make it publicly known that there is in fact ONE country song that i love. just one...sorry. so dont get your hopes up... this one song won't lead to loving other country songs, its just this one. and thats only because its a really great song.)
but any-who, i hope everyone had a swell 4th of july!
i sure did! 
i love when the 4th is on a sunday, and then we get to celebrate ALL weekend long!
my weekend was full of fun and family!!!
definitely one of the best yet...

oh. and please enjoy the following video.