Wednesday, December 30, 2009


this brings me joy on SO many levels.
this is how life should be like every day
random outbursts of dancing in obscure places
and the fact that they are dancing to glee music makes it that much better

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

very VERY happy in the morning?

i wanted to blog about a particular dream i had last week...but didnt because it was a little silly. but once this dream came around AGAIN the other night, i knew it was blog worthy. so here you go...dont judge me

in my dream i was starting my level 3 practicum class. i walked in to a big room and was handed a piece of paper of where my assignment was. the paper said 2nd grade, teacher: WS so i went to this classroom and walked in and saw none other than Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Shuester from Glee) now in my dream, he was just a regular teacher that was extremely delicious. and i heard triumphant love music just like in the movies. i went up to him to introduce myself and he grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead. i melted. then he began to call all the kids over and we went on a "magic carpet" ride where we sang songs and i got to meet all the kids. the last thing i remember was helping the kids do an activity with the giant parachute, and when we went under the parachute, he winked at me....

i was then awoken by my mom. i immediately texted kym and told her that i had never woken up that happy in my whole life.
im assuming she just laughed at me.
but i was indeed very happy

or so i thought

a few days later, i was even HAPPIER
apparently i really really like dreaming about matthew morrison and being a teacher, because the same thing happened again.

this time i was the student teacher and they were 5th grade students. i was teaching a science lesson on the solar system and one kid was telling me how his dad thinks there is an extra planet named pluto and he doesnt understand what he is talking about. so i begin explaining, and i look to the back of the room and there is matthew morrison looking at me and smiling at me. once again, i melt. i become very distracted and the kids start getting rowdy, but matthew morrison and i are still gazing into eachothers eyes... (i know, cheezy yes. can i help it, no)...then all of a sudden some kid throws an eraser and it hits me in the eye. i freak out and matthew morrison comes running over to help me. he tells me where the nearest bathroom is, and the next thing i know, im driving to a bathroom not being able to see with my eye gushing tears. eventually as im rinsing my eye out, he shows up and asks if im okay. i say yes, and he asks if he can look at my eye, as he grabs my face, he kisses my eye. i start laughing and then i realize that he is married to emma pillsbury (character on glee) and walk away from him. and he then laughs and says only on tv. he then grabs my hand. and we walk to his red jeep. no joke.
and that was the day i woke up extremely happy

p.s. season 1 volume 1 came today. i screamed and probably would have hugged the ups man if i would have seen him. but instead i just frightened my mom and sister.
souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 days.

is it TUESDAY yet?
cause if it is that means this will be in my possession.
hurry up tuesday... and mr. fedex man.
i have gone without glee and starring at matthew morrison for long enough.
im starving here.
really, starving for some glee.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

oh the joyssss

i knew it was going to be a great christmas break
when i strapped king george next to me for the 4 hour drive home
it was an adventure indeed

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Monday, December 21, 2009

i still love him

just thought you all should know.
merry christmas to me.

p.s. pray for my grandpa...major surgery today

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Sunday, December 20, 2009

fa la la la la la la la LA!

i love christmas time
i dont want it to end
i took a silly facbook quiz tonight
to find out what my fav christmas song is
(like i didnt already know)
it said "White Christmas- You are a romantic at heart.
You love Christmas time and it is most likely your favorite time of the year.
You love the atmosphere, the feel, the familyness, and the fun.
To you, its tradition and you hope its the one good thing that never changes."
im not going to lie
sometimes its creepy how true theses things are.
i wish it was always christmas time!
it brings me joy
and makes life feel complete
i just love it!

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Friday, December 18, 2009

I want you to be king forever.

"It's going to be a place where only the things you want to happen, would happen."
(pretty profound if you ask me)

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Thursday, December 17, 2009

it feels weird to type 2010

its weird how time flies,
yet can feel never-ending at the same time
i cant believe i only have 2 semesters of school ahead of me
its weird.
but i have high hopes for the coming new year
hopefully lots of happy things
and i would take lots of money too if thats an option
needless to say my horoscope promises good things.
im not usually the horoscope kind of person,
but its always interesting to take a look at :)
found at
"With Mars retrograde in your sign and opposing Jupiter and Neptune, Leo, you can expect a year of ups and downs. You're enthusiastic about the coming year, but there will be a few false starts. Mars goes direct in early March, and you'll feel more optimistic about your future in general. The Sun will enter Aries on March 20 and form a very positive connection with Mars. Don't be surprised if your relationships, career, or projects suddenly start showing more promise. The lusty month of May could bring someone new and exciting into your life. As far as your career, you might throw yourself into your job with all your strength. You enjoy planning for the future, and often the plans you make are more ambitious than the situation warrants."
souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

little bunny foo foo

im very much not a morning person.
my poor father has to work at 4 am every morning
but i struggle to wake up before 9
this morning was a little different
i woke up at 5am this morning to my mom poking me
"whitney, the bunnies out"
"willow, the rabbit, is hopping all over the front yard
and i cant catch her"
it took me a minute to comprehend
and figure out why i was not still sleeping
yes i was extremely annoyed at first,
but once i got outside
and saw the rabbit bouncing all over the neighbors front lawn
i couldnt help but laugh.
i chased her for about 8 minutes,
and then once we set down an apple she went straight to it
my poor mother had been chasing her for about 30 minutes
before she woke me up.
apparently my dad saw her across the street
eating grass when he left for work
we cant really figure out how she got out,
and how she got in the front yard for that matter
how random is that?
i crawled back into bed at 5:30 trying to fall back asleep,
but couldnt help but think just how comical the whole situation was.
what an adventure

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

snow snow rain?

i find these pictures hilarious for some reason
and was waiting for a good time to post them.
it snowed like 2 inches over the weekend
which is shocking
and then decides to rain for 800 hours today
so much for a winter wonderland.
but here are these silly comics anyways.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Monday, December 14, 2009

i love glee

my roommates told me that they didn't think anyone could love this show as much as i do.
they watch me watch the show, cause im that engaged with whats going on.
pathetic really, but i cant exactly help it
well this past Wednesday was the fall finale
it was amazing!
but depressing cause the show doesnt return until april 13th.
i can already tell the semester will suck without glee to bring me joy
every Wednesday night.
Kym and i are going to make paper chains to make the time go faster.
and, i have already watched the latest episode 4 times
because i know i will soon begin to experience withdrawals
and its just that good.

love it!
ps. i like being home oh sooo much

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas break

Christmas break may now officially begin!
i finished my final this morning and now i begin packing...
this is difficult cause the break is a month...
i think its obvious to say that my car will be PACKED.
oh how i excited i am to be home!
and have no responsibilities :)
here are a few things i am going to do
this list has been in the making for quite some time
1. sleep in lots and lots and lots
2. get all caught up on scrapbooking (im about a year behind)
3. wrap all the mom hates it, and i <3 it
4. gilmore girls marathon with mom. starting at season 1
5. read the spring awakening playbill with music :)
6. watch all movies matthew morrison has starred in
7. watch countless hours of lifetime, abc family and hallmark channel christmas movies
8. catch up with all my friends
9. merritts at midnight...a few times
10. hopefully make a snowman and some snow angels to keep him company

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Sunday, December 6, 2009

i better hurry!

this post first needs an explanation...
first off, do you remember this post on rain,
the eiffel tower and daydreaming?
well if you do, let me know show you this website that i frequent.
there is a new picture of paris everyday posted by a friendly parisian
(yes, it does exist)
now let me show you this website that i also frequent not mock me.
it is indeed a website describing the weather in france.
deal with it.
well needless to say, the friendly Parisian said its raining lots there now.
and the website proves it.
im aching to hop on a plane
and dance in the rain.
in paris.
in a yellow trench coat.
and black rain boots.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

christmas IS here

it has arrived!
its official.
usu campus blanketed in a winter wonderland,
puppet show (not a christmas one, but magical nonetheless)
and a forgotten carols reading with one of my favorite people.
oh sara michelle, it was a grand night indeed.

here is another christmas FAV for you to enjoy
this one has been on constant repeat :)

and this one as well...
oh pure joy

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Saturday, December 5, 2009

work work

i spent today at work RE-READING my psychology textbook.
no joke.
that's JUST how good at procrastinating i am.
amelia thought i would be bored so she sent me this video on facebook.
i laughed so hard, i thought i was going to die.
needless to say, i didnt have time to be bored today
but i REALLY needed a break from cognitive theories and behaviorism
i hope you all get a little kick from it.
poor guy

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Friday, December 4, 2009

teaching tolerance

this is just a little rant....dont mind me

i just finished my last eled 3000 class. all semester we have been discussing the foundational studies of education. we have talked about gender bias, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, deaf education, etc etc and throughout the whole semester i have learned so much about tolerance and the need for change in today's world.
it has been a very inspiring semester, and although frustrating and very time consuming, i have learned a lot in all my classes as well as in an actual grade school classroom. this is probably the 1st semester that i actually feel this way...sad, but true. but the plethora of useful information i have gained, that i know i will live by and incorporate into my teacher methods and lessons is wonderful.
today's 3000 class was probably the most inspiring for me. we watched a video about teaching tolerance called "A Place at the Table" this video was an interview with 6 or 7 high school students i would say, that all have different backgrounds. it opened with some very powerful statements about how their ancestors have shaped their lives today. one boy said "if you don't know your history, you don't know yourself." another boy said "my ancestors are my 1st heroes."
the stories these kids shared really made me think a lot about my ancestors and the sacrifices they had to make in order for me to be here and to live this live that i lead. it has inspired me to learn more about their trials, and what they dealt with on a daily basis.
the movie continued into hardships that their ancestors faced in order to come to america and live the life that they knew would be better for their future. they talked about hatred that they themselves, have faced because of their skin color, religion, or life choices.
it was a hard movie to watch, but one that really made me think about what i am doing to help make this a better place to live and be free. one girl said "why do you care what i look like? cant you just respect me for who i am?" its something to think about, and wonder, are we teaching tolerance? are we living tolerance? are we living the words liberty and justice for all?
it's obvious to see how far we have come, but its also clear to see just how far we have to go...

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i love christmas time.
its that simple.
im feeling very holly and jolly
and its definitely helping me get through this crazy busy week
i decorated for christmas the middle of november
since i am only going to be in logan until the 9th
but i told myself i couldn't listen to christmas music until after thanksgiving
its this little deal we have as a family,
that thanksgiving should be celebrated first
and then all the holly and jolly can unfold
i ALMOST made it
but i caved about a week prior to thanksgiving
only a little song here and there
but now that its DECEMBER and AFTER turkey day
christmas music has taken over
and it brings me great joy
here is one of my all time favorites

i think the johnny mathis christmas cd will forever hold a special place in my heart

here is another one that fills me with that holly jolly feeling

i just love christmas music
dont worry...i plan to share a lot more with all of you lovely bloggers

oh just for your info...this is my christmas tree
i love it.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Friday, November 27, 2009


Some days we forget to look around us
Some days we can't see the joy that surrounds us
So caught up inside ourselves
We take when we should give

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for
What we still can't see

It's up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There's so much to be thankful for

Look beyond ourselves, there's so much sorrow
It's way too late to say, I'll cry tomorrow
Each of us must find our truth
We're so long overdue

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And every day we hope for
What we still can't see

It's up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There's so much to be thankful for

Even with our differences
There is a place we're all connected
Each of us can find each others love

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for
What we still can't see

It's up to us to be the change
And even though this world needs so much more
There's so much to be thankful for


la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Sunday, November 22, 2009

au revoir

on thursday i had to say good bye to my little friends in the 2nd grade.
it was horrible.
i almost cried a few times.
ever since i was a little girl i have wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher.
and that dream has further been confirmed
i have absolutely LOVED the past 5 weeks in Mrs. Kenyon's 2nd grade class.
and saying good bye to them was super hard.
when i left that day they each got the chance to come up individually and say goodbye
they also each made a card for me.
these cards are something i will treasure for ever.
here are a few of them
man do they make me giggle

this last one was definitely one of my favorites.
this is the same little girl mentioned in this post.
she is adorable.
her card translates to "i like you so so much. i mean like you could not hurt any ones feelings like not even on purpose. i like your clothes. i like how you always have an expression when you read to us. and you have beautiful hair. i am jealous"

seriously how cute are these kiddos?

okay i do have one more story i need to share as well.
for the past couple of weeks i have been working one on one a lot with this little boy. he has a really hard time in school, and i just kind of decided to step in as his little helper. i spend the whole math block next to his side helping him understand and keep up with the rest of the class. on the last day, their teacher gave them 6 problems to do on their own. normally this little boy jsut can't consentrate on his own, so thinking this was the case, i went next to him and started talking him through the problems. all of a sudden he told me he wanted to do it himself. surprised i said okay and walked away. i walked around the room and started checking some of the other students work, and as soon as my little friends hand shot up i nervously ran over to him so see how he did and how i was going to tell him that it wasn't quite right. to my surprise, he got 100%. i was shocked! i looked at him, eager to tell him and could see the nervousness in his face. when i told him he had them ALL right, the way his face lit up literally made me choke up. he was so so proud of himself, and was soooo excited. it made me just kind of stand there for a second. i felt that teacher feeling, and fully grasped the whole reason i want to be a teacher. though it may seem silly and miniscule to all of you, it was one of the greatest feelings i have ever experienced, and makes me that much more eager to have my own class someday.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Friday, November 20, 2009

musical nostrils

there's nothing better than spending a friday night in watching the football game and reading for countless hours

our favorite of the night was
"Today, I read a story on MLIA that if you put your headphones in your nose and play your ipod really loud, you can hear the music through your mouth. I decided to try this myself. My mom walked into my room when I had my headphones in both nostrils while Sexyback was playing out of my mouth. She took one look at me and backed out slowly. MLIA"

don't worry fellow blog readers
we tried this
and it works
even while playing ABBA
college is great.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

let it rain

So many things are trying to keep me
And so many voices trying to reach me
To tell me that this is not the way
To tell me that this is my mistake

Oh let the rain keep falling down
Cause it won't stop me from getting where I'm bound
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe it's too late
But I'm gonna make it
Don't care what the skies say
So oh let it rain
Let it rain

I know that this is not the way
That you imagined it would be
Oh nut nothing you say is gonna stop me
No matter the weather that you bring

Oh let the rain keep falling down
Cause it won't stop me from getting where I'm bound
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe it's too late
But I'm gonna make it
Don't care what the skies say
So oh let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

one week

only one week left, for the movie OF ALL MOVIES.
zac efron's in it which first caught my eye
(dont judge)
so i read the book
and fell in love
i have been waiting and waiting for this one to come out
stupid film festival people and their rights or whatever
but after much anticipation
it will be released in a week!! hooray!

ahhh would you just look at that face?
for crying out loud!
whats not to love.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bon Anniversaire!

you guys are going to think i am the weirdest person ever,
but you are just going to have to deal with it.
the Eiffel Tower turned 120 this year!
and they put cool new lights on one side of it
every night they have been doing crazy light shows
it makes me extremely happy

This effect is my favorite

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2nd grade stories

sometimes my kids just say the funniest things.
and yesterday was one of them.
the first thing that happened was before the bell had even rung to start the day
this girl walked up to me and said "guess what whitney? my brother came out yesterday!"
me being a little confused said "came out? where was he"
she responded "duh, he was in my mom!"
i then realized this was a NEW baby brother.
it was such an awkward way of saying that.
i laughed so hard

the next thing was when I was "interviewing" one of the little boys for VIP of the week.
this kid is absolutely adorable.
he struggles in school a lot, so over the past couple of weeks I have been giving him a lot of one-on-one teaching,
and have spent countless moments helping him spell words or count money.

i started asking him about the things he wrote on his form the beginning of the year and what the pictures he drew meant. then i asked him some other questions like favorite food, favorite color and if he had any pets.
to the pets question, he said "well i kind of have pets" and said oh really?" and he said ya, we have 2 cock-a-doodle-doos that lay giant eggs and sometimes they are weird and have 4 yolks in them
(i literally almost THREW up the school lunch salad i had a prior.)

then he said, "you could put on there that i HATE turkeys!" i said why do you not like turkeys? what are you going to eat for thanksgiving then? he said "no turkeys are fine when they are cooked, but there is this stupid turkey in our neighborhood that chases me! his name is Gibblet and i HATE him!"
(i tried so hard not to laugh, but it couldnt resist.) i asked if he lived on a farm, since i had a hard time picturing this random turkey galloping through the neighborhood, and he said no, that he lives in a neighborhood and there are tons of turkeys that come down from the hills.
i asked my teacher if this was a normal occurrence and she said yes.
probably like the pasture with 3 horse and 3 bison.
only in hyrum

then at recess another kid told me he needed to go find a new girlfriend, cause his 7 year old girl friend dumped him for a 5th grader.
and so i said, no you do not need a girlfriend you are way to young
he replied "of course i need a girl friend, so i can kiss a lot and have babies"
my jaw dropped and i simply just walked away.
2nd grade?
pretty sure i didnt understand that concept yet
this child is destined for greatness eh?

what an adventure. and i cant believe i only have 3 days left with these kids.
ahh its so sad!

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

live like we're dying

go to my posts sometime around april, may and/or june
and you will know how much i LOVE
kris allen
its true. im one of those nerdy american idol fans.
but my devote fan-ness didnt ever come out until kris allen wowed me with his dashing looks and a voice that makes me melt.
i will admit that i did in fact buy most of his AI songs on itunes
AND voted 100s of times each week.
feel free to judge me, i dont really care
i love him that much
and NOW its only one week away from his album release.
pure happiness.
the video to his 1st single came out a couple days ago.
once again, pure happiness.
here it is for your viewing pleasure:

ALSO, can i just say 4 letters?
its amazing how much the one show could change my life
its great
and its been gone for 2 WHOLE WEEKS
tomorrow it returns
and life will all make sense again.
especially with kurt singing soprano
and again, pure happiness

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Sunday, November 8, 2009

courtesy of kym

the reason in which i am posting this poem needs no explanation.
just read...

Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,

One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.
I pray he's rich and self-employed,
And when I spend, won't be annoyed.
Pull out my chair and hold hand.
Massage my feet and help me stand.
Oh send a king to make me queen.
A man who loves to cook and clean..

I pray this man will love no other.
And relish visits with my mother.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bolt the door. Take off your things. Let's have a sample.

the title of this post is scandalous and great.
just admit it... you laughed.
its one of the great lines from
Thoroughly Modern Millie the movie.
this has been one of my FAVORITE movies for a few years now
when i went on a julie andrews kick in high school
and tonight i get to see the stage production.
though VERY different, with VERY few of the same songs
i know it will be glorious.
i cant even tell you how excited i am.

this is one of my favorite scenes from the movie
it just reeks of happiness.

Here is another just for kicks.
it further explains my yearning to learn how to tap dance

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

13 is a magic number

today...well, NOVEMBER 3rd was the one and only Samuel LaVar and Gretchen Dott's 13 birthday. 2 of the greatest people entered the world 13 years ago to this day. all in one little package. these 2 have taught me more than they could know, and have loved me more than i ever deserve. they are true examples to me, and i hope they know how much they mean to me.
i didnt get this post out earlier because i knew EXACTLY which picture i wanted, and i didnt have it with me on campus all day...but better late than never eh?
i want them to know that i hope their birthday was SUPERB and that i love them soooo much. happy birthday you crazy TEENAGERS! ahhhhhh
im getting old.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

go ahead...have a great day!

if you are looking for a pick me up. here are a few options.

* I know i mentioned this like 2 posts ago, but COME ON! its so dang funny!
* those days when you leave your beloved i-pod at home, its nice to know that your favorite tunes are only just a click away
* rather dumb...yet entertaining jokes to give you a good cackle
*watching a video on then watching some of the suggested videos on the side. you always end up with the most entertaining things
* its just great to look at those random things that happen everyday

some favorites posts from recently are:
*Today in Science the teacher was reading out loud from the text book and having trouble pronouncing a long word. She said that it's a mouthful, then a kid in the back proceeded to say "that's what she said." Everyone turned around to smile at him. Turns out it was our principle. He just became a lot cooler. MLIA
*Today, I was in French class reading sentences and we had to guess what words meant. When the word la vérité came up, everyone was stumped, but I raised my hand and asked if it meant truth. It did. My teacher was so impressed that I had used context clues and english derivatives. Too bad I guessed based on 'veritaserum' from Harry Potter. MLIA
*Today, I bought a cupcake from a bake sale to support charity. What did it support? Fighting childhood obesity. Best dollar I've ever spent. MLIA
*I forgot to change my clock yesterday morning. I made a wish at 11:11 and then my mom told me to change my clock back an hour. I made another wish at 11:11 an hour later. They both came true. I feel I beat the system. MLIA
*Today, my friend showed me the sentence "Woman without her man is nothing," that an English class had been told to punctuate. Apparently all the guys put "Woman, without her man, is nothing," while the girls put "Woman: without her, man is nothing." I will never underestimate the power of punctuation again. MLIA
*Today, I got very frustrated with my computer because the music that was playing wouldn't turn off, no matter how many times I pressed mute. After about 15 minutes I noticed I was listening to my iPod. MLIA.

Sorry there are so many...they are all just so funny!

another place that brings me great joy is [search word:paris]
also,, or i kinda like to shop
and there is always the lovely blog stalking that i am so fond of which includes because she is a powerful spirit, and has such wise words of inspiration.

have a stellar day!

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Sunday, November 1, 2009

good bye halloweenie

im sad that halloween is over. and this is why.
i didnt get to watch my favorite halloween movies,
like "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
or "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow"
or "Nightmare Before Christmas"
or "Hocus Pocus"
i didnt get to read my favorite halloween books
"By the Light of the Halloween Moon."
or "The Little Old LAdy Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything."

i didnt get to make any of these happy treats like i wanted to
i have an obsession with candy corn and the mellow creme pumpkins
and i hate when i cant buy it any more
i love the giant pumpkin dude that walks along main street.
you can pretend to be anyone you want to be.
i can wear a lot of make-up
you can walk into a restaurant at 2 AM looking like a crazy person,
and you find that EVERYONE else is just as crazy as you.
costumes give you something to talk about to a complete stranger.

till next year mr. halloweenie
until then...enjoy the pictures.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Saturday, October 31, 2009

this is my brother. he is the best

most of you know that my little brother and i have this weird bond.
we probably should have been twins.
he always knows how to brighten my day
here are some pictures to prove it.

He struggled in finding a halloween costume. but when he stumbled upon this it was like heaven on earth for him. oh my little bagpipe playing brother.

about 2 hours later i call my mom rolling on the floor in laughter telling her to check out she says "oh i know that site is too funny. guess what? we are on our way to the emergency room. we were just at DI trying to find glasses for gretchens granny costume. samuel decided to tryout an ab roller and well, the roller got away from him."

only samuel could bust open his chin at DI.
(notice I didnt say THE di? you are welcome brittany.)

Oh samuel. you never cease to amaze me.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Friday, October 30, 2009

one of these days

One of these days the sky's gonna break
And everything will escape, and I'll know
One of these days the mountains are gonna fall
Into the sea, and they'll know

That you and I were made for this
I was made to taste your kiss
We were made to never fall away
Never fall away

One of these days letters are gonna fall
From the sky telling us all to go free
But until that day I'll find a way to let everybody know
That you're coming back, you're coming back for me

'Cause even though you left me here
I have nothing left to fear
These are only walls that hold me here
Hold me here, hold me here

One day soon I'll hold you like the sun holds the moon
And we will hear those planes overhead
And we won't have to be scared
We won't have to be, we won't have to be scared

You're coming back for me
You're coming back for me

You're coming back to me

[this is a new song in which i love.
it can be found here
itunes sure did a good job a little bit ago.]

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so you think your weekend was the bomb?

jamming to glee. weird bankers. target pit-stop. glee reruns. red robin. ghost hunters. HSM 3. Thomas Kinkade. bacon egg and cheese breakfast. more jamming to glee. lagoon. gross expensive pizza. singing mulan at the top of your lungs. kiddie rides. acting way to young for our age. wicked. zombies. awesome pictures. autumn weather. ginormous cinnamon rolls. flashing devil horns. cotton candy. short lines. happy rides. cold toes. caramel apples. more jamming to glee. finishing thomas kinkade. wild hogs. sleeping in. target pit-stop #2. making christmas presents. yummy food. homemade potato salad. yummy food. goonies. monopoly. and you guessed it, more jamming to glee.
yes. my weekend was the bomb.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Monday, October 26, 2009

i miss home

its true. i miss home. a lot. i have never been this homesick in my life. i cant really explain why either. what i would give to drop it all and leave. go back to boise. the people are cool there. really cool.
heres some pictures from fall break. only 28 more days till i get to go back! and then, CHRISTMAS will be here. that is utterly enjoyable to think about.

(sometimes i take pictures when i drive)

(this seems extremely poetic to me. it was screaming take a picture)

(my friends are cool. we carve pumpkins and name them: Mark, Mater, and Paul)

(i love sunsets. this was outside my backyard)

(sometimes my BFF little bro and i take bike rides. and i always have a camera)

We also took FAM pictures this eager to see how they turned out. i will fill you in fellow bloggers. dont you even worry.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah


can i just say that THIS PICTURE very much almost gave me a heart attack?
I mean, I cant even post the picture here in fear of seeing it again.
im still trying to recover.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Friday, October 23, 2009

sheer joy

do you have ANY idea how much one video can brighten my day? watch this and you shall see...

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

"or i have class and you dont"

How fantastic is this picture?
ahhh to have such class.
and be on the eiffel tower WITH that class.
how i dream...

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Thursday, October 22, 2009

giving up

What if we stop having a ball?
What if the paint chips from the wall?
What if there's always cups in the sink?
What if I'm not what you think I am?

What if I fall further than you?
What if you dream of somebody new?
What if I never let you win, chase you with a rolling pin?
Well what if I do?

I am giving up on making passes and
I am giving up on half empty glasses and
I am giving up on greener grasses
I am giving up

What if our baby comes home after nine?
What it your eyes close before mine?
What if you lose yourself sometimes?

Then I'll be the one to find you
Safe in my heart

I am giving up on making passes and
I am giving up on half empty glasses and
I am giving up on greener grasses
I am giving up

I am giving up
I am giving up
I am giving up on greener grasses

I am giving up for you
I am giving up for you
I am giving up

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

i heart 2nd grade

i started my 2nd block of practicum this week.
i was super sad to leave my 5th graders last week because they are so dang funny.
but i was excited to start 2nd grade and learn from the differences in these 2 grades.
well the day was excellent. to say the least.
these kids are adorable.
i quickly learned all their names because they made SURE of it.
they were constantly asking me questions and trying to get to know me.
one boy asked if i had a husband.
when i said no he just simply said "its okay, i dont think thats a big deal"
most of them asked me if i like dogs or cats, or blue or pink better.
i was eating up every word :)
then there was one little girl that totally won me over,
and will forever be the coolest 2nd grader ever because of one simple thing...
their teacher asked me to take a few minutes and introduce myself.
so i told them the basics.
where im from. fav color. that i like to sing. blah blah blah
and then i told them that i have a weird obsession with collecting eiffel tower stuff.
this little girl quietly raised her hand and when i called on her she just stood up and said :
"vos cheveux sont jolis aujourd'hui"
standing in awe i recognized the words hair, and pretty
i was in complete shock
all she said was "your hair looks pretty today"
and then she just said "i love france too" and sat down
it made my life.
before i was leaving for the day she came up to me and said
"i like you so far whitney"
i said "oh good, cause i like you too."
happy day. i love 2nd grade..

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

i hope i dont fall on my keychain

X-Rays showing a metal keyring featuring an Eiffel Tower souvenir embedded in the hand of Amy Preston, 28. Amy was carrying her keys in her hand as she went jogging on Tuesday when she fell and landed on the keyring resulting in two legs of the souvenir embedded in her hand. (Pic:Getty)

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Thursday, October 15, 2009

moster mash

this is so much more fun than being RESPONSIBLE and going to bed...

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“Believe in your dreams and they may come true;
believe in yourself and they will come true”

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i had a crappy day, and heres what made it better:

you guessed it...i just didnt have the best day.
but i found a few things that made it a little better.

This calender was an epic find
This release date makes me wanna scream...oh Zac...i have missed you
Just the FACT that this was created and comes out in June:

Oh this one looks fantabulous as well!
Also, I'm going home this weekend.
That brings me GREAT joy!
la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

is it the weekend yet?

i love awesome weekends.
college would be SOOO much cooler without school.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Monday, October 12, 2009

just becuzzzzzz

here is a video that i am SURE will make your day

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Sunday, October 11, 2009

what i would give

what i would give to BE kristin chenoweth right here.
not only have her voice!
but sing with matthew morrison.
oh my heavens.
hot hot hot

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i bought something on ebay for betty (my car)
an ipod converter is just what she needed.
well... i should have read the fine print.
its coming from hong kong.
thats far away.
estimated shipping time is 7 to 15 business days.
thats 3 weeks from when i bought it.
im extremely upset about this.
pretty sure i will forget about it before it comes.
or i may just keel over and die of anticipation.
speed up mr. snail mail...

* i googled "waiting" in hopes of finding a good picture, and found this quite appropriate.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

attention attention

hello fellow bloggers. i would kindly advise you all to direct your attention to this post.
published by the one and only sara michelle ence.
it is a collection of some of the many reasons why we love byu.
i hope it appeals to you all.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Monday, October 5, 2009

you cant judge a person based on their dreams

dreams are weird.
sometimes you wake up completely freaked out
and just want your mommy.
sometimes you dont remember your dream at all.
sometimes you wake up laughing your bum off.
and wonder where on earth that came from.
last week i had one of those dreams.
i literally woke up,
turned off my alarm,
and broke into absolute laughter.
kym told me to blog about it...
so here i go

i was standing in this empty field of golden grass all alone. i decided to dance, because no one was there to see me. then all of a sudden, im flying through the air, superman style. im up in the clouds just flying through the sky, when i realize there are hundreds of other people flying too, but they are all on broomsticks. they are shocked that i don't have a broom, so they bombard me with questions as to how i do it, and just how magnificent it is.
next thing i know, im at hogwarts.
im walking through the halls of the castle when around the corner comes ron weasley and hermoine granger holding hands. they come up and give me a big high-five, and tell me how cool i am. then i turn and i see harry. (dont worry... he was a much cuter harry that daniel radcliffe is)
oh harry. it was just like in the movies, where the orchestra started playing and the scene got brighter.
pretty sure it was love at first sight.

we talked and he invited me out on his next mission. yes...his mission to try and destroy voldemort...again.
so i went.
there were dragons.
and there was a little old woman trapped on a bridge.
we saved her.
then voldemort ran away.
and i made-out with harry himself.
it was epic....and there were ACTUAL fireworks.

I woke up after this...the fireworks in my dream turned out to be the rain outside my window.
and so i laughed.

a lot.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it doesn't get much better than this

i have so much to BLOG about! It's actually been stressing me out. So I figured I would start off with the BEST weekend everrrrrrrr. It seriously was fantastic and nothing could have made it better. First off:
HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Rogers got home on Wed Sept 23, so that weekend we got to whole group together and went to Merritts of course! It wouldnt be right if we hadn't. And it was fantastic! Just like the old time. haha Plus we randomly met the drummer for the Killers. Only at Merritts.

Oh how I missed these guys!

On Saturday my little bro performed and competed at the Celtic festival and Highland Games. It was so fun! He took 1st in both of his competitions and the whole day was just a blast!

He's the coolest kids I know. Its true.

then last but NOT least.
More like I went to see him, but let me think what I want okay?
So the whole night was great and I was in pure heaven.

He is a beautiful man.

I love him. so much. Words can not express.
I got a trusty Jason make me feel cool.

This was definitely one of the BEST weekends of my life! It was sooooo hard to come back to school. Hopefully the semester continues to go fast fast fast!

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah