Wednesday, December 30, 2009


this brings me joy on SO many levels.
this is how life should be like every day
random outbursts of dancing in obscure places
and the fact that they are dancing to glee music makes it that much better

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

very VERY happy in the morning?

i wanted to blog about a particular dream i had last week...but didnt because it was a little silly. but once this dream came around AGAIN the other night, i knew it was blog worthy. so here you go...dont judge me

in my dream i was starting my level 3 practicum class. i walked in to a big room and was handed a piece of paper of where my assignment was. the paper said 2nd grade, teacher: WS so i went to this classroom and walked in and saw none other than Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Shuester from Glee) now in my dream, he was just a regular teacher that was extremely delicious. and i heard triumphant love music just like in the movies. i went up to him to introduce myself and he grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead. i melted. then he began to call all the kids over and we went on a "magic carpet" ride where we sang songs and i got to meet all the kids. the last thing i remember was helping the kids do an activity with the giant parachute, and when we went under the parachute, he winked at me....

i was then awoken by my mom. i immediately texted kym and told her that i had never woken up that happy in my whole life.
im assuming she just laughed at me.
but i was indeed very happy

or so i thought

a few days later, i was even HAPPIER
apparently i really really like dreaming about matthew morrison and being a teacher, because the same thing happened again.

this time i was the student teacher and they were 5th grade students. i was teaching a science lesson on the solar system and one kid was telling me how his dad thinks there is an extra planet named pluto and he doesnt understand what he is talking about. so i begin explaining, and i look to the back of the room and there is matthew morrison looking at me and smiling at me. once again, i melt. i become very distracted and the kids start getting rowdy, but matthew morrison and i are still gazing into eachothers eyes... (i know, cheezy yes. can i help it, no)...then all of a sudden some kid throws an eraser and it hits me in the eye. i freak out and matthew morrison comes running over to help me. he tells me where the nearest bathroom is, and the next thing i know, im driving to a bathroom not being able to see with my eye gushing tears. eventually as im rinsing my eye out, he shows up and asks if im okay. i say yes, and he asks if he can look at my eye, as he grabs my face, he kisses my eye. i start laughing and then i realize that he is married to emma pillsbury (character on glee) and walk away from him. and he then laughs and says only on tv. he then grabs my hand. and we walk to his red jeep. no joke.
and that was the day i woke up extremely happy

p.s. season 1 volume 1 came today. i screamed and probably would have hugged the ups man if i would have seen him. but instead i just frightened my mom and sister.
souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 days.

is it TUESDAY yet?
cause if it is that means this will be in my possession.
hurry up tuesday... and mr. fedex man.
i have gone without glee and starring at matthew morrison for long enough.
im starving here.
really, starving for some glee.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

oh the joyssss

i knew it was going to be a great christmas break
when i strapped king george next to me for the 4 hour drive home
it was an adventure indeed

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Monday, December 21, 2009

i still love him

just thought you all should know.
merry christmas to me.

p.s. pray for my grandpa...major surgery today

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Sunday, December 20, 2009

fa la la la la la la la LA!

i love christmas time
i dont want it to end
i took a silly facbook quiz tonight
to find out what my fav christmas song is
(like i didnt already know)
it said "White Christmas- You are a romantic at heart.
You love Christmas time and it is most likely your favorite time of the year.
You love the atmosphere, the feel, the familyness, and the fun.
To you, its tradition and you hope its the one good thing that never changes."
im not going to lie
sometimes its creepy how true theses things are.
i wish it was always christmas time!
it brings me joy
and makes life feel complete
i just love it!

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Friday, December 18, 2009

I want you to be king forever.

"It's going to be a place where only the things you want to happen, would happen."
(pretty profound if you ask me)

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Thursday, December 17, 2009

it feels weird to type 2010

its weird how time flies,
yet can feel never-ending at the same time
i cant believe i only have 2 semesters of school ahead of me
its weird.
but i have high hopes for the coming new year
hopefully lots of happy things
and i would take lots of money too if thats an option
needless to say my horoscope promises good things.
im not usually the horoscope kind of person,
but its always interesting to take a look at :)
found at
"With Mars retrograde in your sign and opposing Jupiter and Neptune, Leo, you can expect a year of ups and downs. You're enthusiastic about the coming year, but there will be a few false starts. Mars goes direct in early March, and you'll feel more optimistic about your future in general. The Sun will enter Aries on March 20 and form a very positive connection with Mars. Don't be surprised if your relationships, career, or projects suddenly start showing more promise. The lusty month of May could bring someone new and exciting into your life. As far as your career, you might throw yourself into your job with all your strength. You enjoy planning for the future, and often the plans you make are more ambitious than the situation warrants."
souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

little bunny foo foo

im very much not a morning person.
my poor father has to work at 4 am every morning
but i struggle to wake up before 9
this morning was a little different
i woke up at 5am this morning to my mom poking me
"whitney, the bunnies out"
"willow, the rabbit, is hopping all over the front yard
and i cant catch her"
it took me a minute to comprehend
and figure out why i was not still sleeping
yes i was extremely annoyed at first,
but once i got outside
and saw the rabbit bouncing all over the neighbors front lawn
i couldnt help but laugh.
i chased her for about 8 minutes,
and then once we set down an apple she went straight to it
my poor mother had been chasing her for about 30 minutes
before she woke me up.
apparently my dad saw her across the street
eating grass when he left for work
we cant really figure out how she got out,
and how she got in the front yard for that matter
how random is that?
i crawled back into bed at 5:30 trying to fall back asleep,
but couldnt help but think just how comical the whole situation was.
what an adventure

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

snow snow rain?

i find these pictures hilarious for some reason
and was waiting for a good time to post them.
it snowed like 2 inches over the weekend
which is shocking
and then decides to rain for 800 hours today
so much for a winter wonderland.
but here are these silly comics anyways.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Monday, December 14, 2009

i love glee

my roommates told me that they didn't think anyone could love this show as much as i do.
they watch me watch the show, cause im that engaged with whats going on.
pathetic really, but i cant exactly help it
well this past Wednesday was the fall finale
it was amazing!
but depressing cause the show doesnt return until april 13th.
i can already tell the semester will suck without glee to bring me joy
every Wednesday night.
Kym and i are going to make paper chains to make the time go faster.
and, i have already watched the latest episode 4 times
because i know i will soon begin to experience withdrawals
and its just that good.

love it!
ps. i like being home oh sooo much

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas break

Christmas break may now officially begin!
i finished my final this morning and now i begin packing...
this is difficult cause the break is a month...
i think its obvious to say that my car will be PACKED.
oh how i excited i am to be home!
and have no responsibilities :)
here are a few things i am going to do
this list has been in the making for quite some time
1. sleep in lots and lots and lots
2. get all caught up on scrapbooking (im about a year behind)
3. wrap all the mom hates it, and i <3 it
4. gilmore girls marathon with mom. starting at season 1
5. read the spring awakening playbill with music :)
6. watch all movies matthew morrison has starred in
7. watch countless hours of lifetime, abc family and hallmark channel christmas movies
8. catch up with all my friends
9. merritts at midnight...a few times
10. hopefully make a snowman and some snow angels to keep him company

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Sunday, December 6, 2009

i better hurry!

this post first needs an explanation...
first off, do you remember this post on rain,
the eiffel tower and daydreaming?
well if you do, let me know show you this website that i frequent.
there is a new picture of paris everyday posted by a friendly parisian
(yes, it does exist)
now let me show you this website that i also frequent not mock me.
it is indeed a website describing the weather in france.
deal with it.
well needless to say, the friendly Parisian said its raining lots there now.
and the website proves it.
im aching to hop on a plane
and dance in the rain.
in paris.
in a yellow trench coat.
and black rain boots.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

christmas IS here

it has arrived!
its official.
usu campus blanketed in a winter wonderland,
puppet show (not a christmas one, but magical nonetheless)
and a forgotten carols reading with one of my favorite people.
oh sara michelle, it was a grand night indeed.

here is another christmas FAV for you to enjoy
this one has been on constant repeat :)

and this one as well...
oh pure joy

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Saturday, December 5, 2009

work work

i spent today at work RE-READING my psychology textbook.
no joke.
that's JUST how good at procrastinating i am.
amelia thought i would be bored so she sent me this video on facebook.
i laughed so hard, i thought i was going to die.
needless to say, i didnt have time to be bored today
but i REALLY needed a break from cognitive theories and behaviorism
i hope you all get a little kick from it.
poor guy

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Friday, December 4, 2009

teaching tolerance

this is just a little rant....dont mind me

i just finished my last eled 3000 class. all semester we have been discussing the foundational studies of education. we have talked about gender bias, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, deaf education, etc etc and throughout the whole semester i have learned so much about tolerance and the need for change in today's world.
it has been a very inspiring semester, and although frustrating and very time consuming, i have learned a lot in all my classes as well as in an actual grade school classroom. this is probably the 1st semester that i actually feel this way...sad, but true. but the plethora of useful information i have gained, that i know i will live by and incorporate into my teacher methods and lessons is wonderful.
today's 3000 class was probably the most inspiring for me. we watched a video about teaching tolerance called "A Place at the Table" this video was an interview with 6 or 7 high school students i would say, that all have different backgrounds. it opened with some very powerful statements about how their ancestors have shaped their lives today. one boy said "if you don't know your history, you don't know yourself." another boy said "my ancestors are my 1st heroes."
the stories these kids shared really made me think a lot about my ancestors and the sacrifices they had to make in order for me to be here and to live this live that i lead. it has inspired me to learn more about their trials, and what they dealt with on a daily basis.
the movie continued into hardships that their ancestors faced in order to come to america and live the life that they knew would be better for their future. they talked about hatred that they themselves, have faced because of their skin color, religion, or life choices.
it was a hard movie to watch, but one that really made me think about what i am doing to help make this a better place to live and be free. one girl said "why do you care what i look like? cant you just respect me for who i am?" its something to think about, and wonder, are we teaching tolerance? are we living tolerance? are we living the words liberty and justice for all?
it's obvious to see how far we have come, but its also clear to see just how far we have to go...

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i love christmas time.
its that simple.
im feeling very holly and jolly
and its definitely helping me get through this crazy busy week
i decorated for christmas the middle of november
since i am only going to be in logan until the 9th
but i told myself i couldn't listen to christmas music until after thanksgiving
its this little deal we have as a family,
that thanksgiving should be celebrated first
and then all the holly and jolly can unfold
i ALMOST made it
but i caved about a week prior to thanksgiving
only a little song here and there
but now that its DECEMBER and AFTER turkey day
christmas music has taken over
and it brings me great joy
here is one of my all time favorites

i think the johnny mathis christmas cd will forever hold a special place in my heart

here is another one that fills me with that holly jolly feeling

i just love christmas music
dont worry...i plan to share a lot more with all of you lovely bloggers

oh just for your info...this is my christmas tree
i love it.

souvenez-vous qui vous êtes
-whit sariah