Sunday, June 21, 2009


i can often be heard muttering the word "men" in a very annoyed and disgusted voice, i think all girls have done so 100 times or so in there life when it comes to dating.... or the lack of dating. but its days like today (father's day) that make me step back and think about the men in my life that give me hope that there is some man out there that will change my outlook on men forever.

theres my dad first of all,
he's my hero.
he is a constant in my life.
he knows how to make me laugh.
he knows how to make me feel of worth when every other boy out there doesnt.
he loves my mom more than words.
and i know he would do anything for me.

theres also my grandpa.
he's the one where my dad learned it all from.
he's hilarious.
he's honorable.
he always has a good story to tell.

theres also my brothers.
i know they aren't fathers, but they will be great father's some day. i know that they get on my nerves a lot but i love them, and i know they are on there way to becoming great men.

i really am lucky to have such amazing men in my life. i couldnt get through my days with out them. Happy Father's Day everyone!

thats all of them <3

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