Wednesday, July 22, 2009


most of you know that I LOVE TO READ.
i do.
it makes me happy.
i feel like i can be someone else,
escape to a distant land,
or even just some other place.
i can live vicariously through peoples lives.
and learn things i never would in real life.
because of this love of reading
i ALWAYS finish a book.
i have never started a book without finishing.
because i CRAVE endings.
i simply want to know what happens.
i want to know who dies.
or ends up with who.
or who the bad guy is.
or what the major twist is.
i just simply always have to know the end.
i am also a very easily amused person.
in everything.
including books.
i tend to like it if i finish it.
so pretty much everything i read.

but folks,
there comes a time for everything i suppose
and i found a book.
a book i CAN NOT finish.
i have been trying
and trying and trying.
and i just can go no further.
remember how i was going to
read one book a week this summer?
well, im still on book #2.
The Thirteenth Tale.
I'm 150 pages in,
and i think thats where it shall end.
This is tough because like I said,
I always finish a book.
But its just not meant to be.
I have tried for almost 6 weeks,
and this is where the book goes
On to new and better things.

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

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