Saturday, December 11, 2010

true blooded aggie

i quite enjoy crossing things off my bucketlist
it brings me great satisfaction 
in knowing that i have accomplished something that is significant and important to me.
and here i am.
just crossing off 'graduate from college'
done there on the side of this here blog
like its no big deal.
who would have seen this day coming?
not me.
yet here it is.
done. and done.
wow time sure does fly eh?

boy 2006 seems like ages ago...
i am pictured somewhere in the second U

first visit to USU as a senior in high school.
who knew of all the glorious things that were to come...

p.s. since apparently the thousands of dollars i gave to the university is insignificant, they canceled december commencement. so therefore i have to wait till may to get the 'legit' graduation commencement pictures and blah blah blah. so patience ducklings. thanks.

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