Sunday, December 5, 2010

c'est noel

i think i truly found my new favorite song....of the week anyways...but seriously, i can NOT stop listening to this. and i am seriously in love

i am pretty sure i have mentioned it before, but i absolutely despise top sheets. but when i got my new bed set, they  came with these cute polka dotted ones, so i put them on. i can tell you now, that i STILL hate top sheets, regardless of how cute they are. i finally took them off yesterday, and had the best sleep last night. phew!

i am apparently being punished for something and haven't quite figured out what that is. but this is getting really frustrating and i seriously want to scream and run away...but all i can do is laugh...story of my life

my friend Emily and i stayed up until 5 am working on our student teaching portfolios. i should really get an award that says "Congratulations Whitney! You are the world's greatest procrastinator and yet you have still managed to graduate from college!"

there is nothing better than the Josh Groban Christmas Album, and the Peaceful Holiday's Pandora station. magic. particularly, his version of this song, cause lets all be honest...thats just a weird weird christmas song, but Josh perfectly nails it. oh wait, and this one. french...duh.

after my latest 'adventure' i am semi terrified to drive home for christmas. okay, i am really terrified...anyone wanna drive me to boise?!

speaking of that last adventure, some of you asked how i broke my key. i honestly have no just happened. and i forgot to mention, that to top all of that off...i left my I-POD in Pocatello! lucky its safe and sound with Hailey and i should have it back soon.

it would be blasphemous of me to have a post and not mention glee. so...A. finnchel? what the heck. B. emma/carl? double what the heck. C. love the glee christmas album. just saying.

in 4 days i can say "back when i was in college..."
gahhhh scary thought!

lindsey and i decided that the whole etching your name on your scriptures thing was a GENIUS idea. creepy? maybe. handy? very much so.

i really am going to miss 3rd grade. this kids come up with the funniest thing, and i am really going to miss hanging out with them everyday! luckily i am going to substitute in the school a lot, so i will get to see them every once in a while

gretchen, i dont understand your comment on the other blog, we really did earn $3,000 at our auction for charity. dead serious. i didnt contribute, cause i bid $10 on a date with some kid, and was out bid by $40. shoot

i really think we should start warning young children not to fall in love with Disney princes. it haunts you for the rest of you life. no joke.

i love christmas time. that basically goes with out saying...but i feel so happy during the entire month of december. the smells, the feels, the sights, and the sounds...i just love christmas and i never want it to end!

i am so excited to have nothing to do over christmas break. i have a mound of movies and books that i am going to dive into and enjoy without a car in the world. ohhhhh yessss.


  1. ok whit. here's the thing.
    1. josh groban christmas is one of the greatest things on this planet.
    2. i HATE top sheets!
    3. love that picture at the bottom.
    and i love you. that is all.

  2. Hahaha. that was one of the funniest posts ever! I for one, have to say that i do love you more than "emily janette" well, because, i'm your sister. And unfortunately, y have to love me too! and i really do think that top sheets are annoying too, my socks always get lost. . . .

  3. can I get the same award as you? I think we both earned it after staying until 5 am. I'm still not even done with mine because I got the extension. :) You are so great!