Thursday, September 15, 2011

dear self. you are getting old...

we had a rootbeer floacial (pronounced: flow-shul. meaning: float social...get it?)
and it was awesome!
party started at 8, and by 9 i was worried about going to bed.
"how late am i going to be up? how will i ever function tomorrow? oh my! there are so many people here!"

excuse me, but when did i turn 90?

i finally let lose and enjoyed myself, and even participated in the sponataneous dance party that broke out around 10 or 10:30.
ya it was awesome.
i don't think i went to bed till around midnight....
look at me! living life on the edge and all.

oh brother.
anywho. just felt the need to share my thoughts...
particularly the fact that:
this may be the coolest picture ever.
oh im aching to go here and take cool/random photos of my own....aching i say!
someday right?
well. when will that SOMEDAY ever get here?!
on a different note. im OBSESSED with this song.
and this song
my fall playlist is almost perfected.
i work too much.
i LOVE my job and absolutely ADORE my kids. 
i may or may not meet a particularly beautiful man tomorrow who i just LOVE.
* ya scratch that already. i HATE being poor. and i HATE that he is going to be 4 hours away...lame. 
and i am most definitely spending friday with 3 of my absolute favorit-est people in the world.
life is good. life is grand.
over and out for now.

1 comment:

  1. Kay good...
    Because I think I would have to hate you if I knew you were partying with Tyler Ward... I think I might have killed you. haha
    But it's alright I was partying with the Standards..... (my future husband included...)
    I love you and miss you!
    And my dear.... you are not old.... you are just.... young with an old heart. right? baha