Monday, October 21, 2013

illuminated in love

I used to blog all the time. Daily. Sometimes multiple times a day.
And then life happened.
And when I say 'life' happened, I don't really know what that means....
but that is the excuse I am using.

I could go into more, but I've got my heart on a string these days, so I think I'll just let my main-man say it for me. He always says it better anyway:

"In all my “research” on Love, I conclude it has nothing to do with partnership, that’s secondary. Love begins within. When you listen to the little voice in your head, or to the urge in your gut, and you obey it, you will likely lead yourself down the path which you were meant to travel all along. By ignoring your intuition or disobeying your dreams, one becomes stuck, the body grows heavy and tired with incompletion or defeat, and sadness finds it’s way into the movie of your life. When you let your heart lead you, Love triumphs and fills you with the experience of being happy and successful."
In the past year and a half, I've experienced more joy, love, and happiness, than I could have ever imagined....
as well as pain, confusion, and the absolute strange sensation of a hurting heart.
those feelings have somehow been intricately laced in between all that good stuff.
and although it took me some time to come to this conclusion,
I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
Because all these experiences are for me to learn and grow from. I've definitely been letting my heart lead me, and although it's been a ridiculous roller coaster of a journey, I know it's a rollercoaster made just for me, and that makes me happy.
"When you take action to live the life you truly wish to live, you become illuminated in love. You lose yourself entirely and become what in many religions call, a servant of God, or a servant of Love. Others will take note of your glow, either with attraction or envy, both of which inspire. And if partnership is on your wish list, it will find you. You will attract it with your walk and talk and worry-free demeanor."

so here's to life.
here's to becoming illuminated in love.
here's to the ups and downs of the journey,
and the uncomfortable yet thrilling spirals and loops along the way. 
because it's worth it.

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  1. You are absolutely ADORABLE keep your heart's worth it!

    PS.. Jason is a master at words. I wish I could put a bow on him for you this Christmas you would do well on an avocado farm! xoxo