Sunday, August 1, 2010

just so you know

im about 500% sure that i attend the most awkward singles branch in the world. seriously. im always in shock when i walk out the door. and then spend the next 5 minute drive home laughing my head off. if only you all could experience the awkwardness that is the northview branch...

i always. always. always dress according to what shoes i plan on wearing.
because thats really all that matters anyways...

i have recently been listening to classical music non stop.
i guess MUSIC 1010-Classical Appreciation
not only taught me to appreciate classical music,
but to absolutely love it more than i already did.
its a good thing college has taught me something.

i can honestly say that in the past week,
i have downloaded 2 backstreet boys songs
1 selena gomez song
and 1 jonas brothers song.
um...when did i turn 12 again?

i start student teaching in 29 days.
kinda scary.
but really exciting!
but also depressing because i walked through the school supply isle and felt totally bummed that i dont get to buy school supplies this year. totally getting jipped this semester...

i know i know, i have mentioned this dude plenty of times, but seriously. what is there not to love?
he just makes me happy.

i chuckle to myself every time i see the bouquet of roses on my dresser because:
1. they are yellow, and that reminds me of a quote in this movie.
2. i got them for my birthday from a 13 year old boy who is not my little brother :) ...which is another reason why i can say i have the best job ever

totally obsessed with john keats as of late.
i owe it all to bright star...fantastic.

2 weeks of playcamp left. 
which means only 4 free snowcones from snowcone man trevor.

love this: “true friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient; it's about being there when it's not.”

just found out its shark week.
ahhhhhhhh i LOVE SHARK WEEK!

im shoving an entire semesters course into the next week and a half.
pray i dont hurt myself.

i really love sundays.
hope everyone has had a miraculous day!


  1. i love that you dress for your shoes, because i do too. more accurately, i buy shoes because i love them and then spends days/weeks/months looking for outfits to wear them with (i actually have a pair of shoes i have owned for 2 years and have never worn. i should work on that).
    also, i think you should buy school supplies anyway. i still do and i graduated 3 years ago

  2. I love the perfect man! And I think I am going to have to see Bright Star. It sounds fantastic! Oh and I am right there with you with the 12 year old targeted music...but you already knew that :)

  3. I'm copying your blog and sending it to Jordan in the will make her happy! You will be a great teacher - if all of our kids could be so lucky.

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