Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i can't belive its over..the days were slipping past... the good things never last

i can't believe it.
summer is over and done for.
i feel like it just barely started, but here i am, living in salt lake, and starting my final semester of so-called "college." i will be honest, im a little broken hearted about not being back in logan. i miss it already, and im recently realizing how much im going to miss out on this semester! like the entire week of welcome, (which is by far my favorite time of the year), football games, basketball games, angies run, aggie ice cream, seeing the 'A' from pretty much anywhere i go, gorgeous logan weather, ...crap...im feeling a little homesick for good old logan! but i am putting faith in the fact that salt lake is where im supposed to be. its something new and exciting, and i think it will turn out to be a really fun semester.

oh did i mention, HELLO!!!?
yes i am in fact alive and well.
just have been internet-less for the past week or so.
quite tragic yes,
but luckily the qwest man i flirted with on the phone will have our internet up and running on sept 7th
hopefully i can make it another week...

i love my friends
the ones that really care, and are sincere and make you feel WORTH something.
the ones that love you no matter what,
and call just to see how you are doing,
and see how everything in your life going.
the ones that are indeed curious about every detail of you
and make it a point to tell you they care.
...thats what makes the world a better place...

i have high hopes for my new ward.
its new ward for me, with new people and in a new place,
and i keep praying that its a good place for me.
to meet people, and to make my semester here more enjoyable.
BUT, i have dedicated a section of my white board to keeping tally of the marriage talks.
seriously, we are already 1 for 1
and since its an 'older' ward, i feel there will be PLENTY.
ahhhh gotta love singles wards.

it for reals occurred to me today that im graduating in 3 1/2 months.
that means in 4 months i could be a real life teacher.
i mean, the odds of that happening are slim what with the crap economy, budget cuts, and the odds of finding a teaching job mid school year are next to impossible,
BUT the point is that im so close to being done.
its the weirdest feeling ever
mixed with massive amounts of fear and that wretched 'i want to throw up feeling'
but also extreme joy, and the idea that something i have wanted for so long,
and something i have been working for for so long is ALMOST here.
wow. can it really be real?
am i really filling out my educator licensing and certification application right now?
why yes. yes i am.


  1. 1. i love the title of this post. love that song. love that man.
    2. you are incredible. i'm sure you're one of the best teachers out there.
    3. i love you.