Thursday, November 11, 2010

They say, give it time, Give it time and it will fall in line...

i love my cooperating teacher. she cracks me up,
and makes third grade super fantastic.

caution: mom don't read the following
i decided to bypass fourteen bucks worth of groceries
and purchase this on its release date.
why? because it is 1. absolutely darling
2. i loved loved the books as a kid (actually still do...)
3. i kind of think selena gomez is great. judge me if you must.

i just buckled down and melted my VERY LAST spiced orange harvest.
it sent me into a fit of anxiety, burning that very last little square of deliciousness
but yet, my room smells like heaven
and it brings me joy.
so i cant really complain, i can only pray that it is one that won the
'bring back my bar' contest.

love love all the music happyness from Em.
this. this and this.
i also really love this song.
and am majorly heartbroken i didnt win tickets.
i even prayed! sheesh!

i turned in all my paperwork for a teacher's license.
woah. talk about being legit in just a few short weeks.
know of any jobs anyone?

kym's b-day. vegas. phantom. treasure island.
can not wait!

ok. can't think of anything else clever to say.
or anything else to say for that matter.
so au revoir for now!

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