Monday, November 29, 2010

remember that one day?

this rant is mainly for myself. i feel like i need to document it somehow, because personally it feels like some sort of tragic lifetime movie, and not my real life...also, it may make me sound like a big baby. but this was in fact quite traumatic...

i can honestly say, hands down, yesterday, sunday november 28th was in fact the worse day of my life so far.
terriblemy 'no big deal' 5 1/2 hour drive took almost 12.
  • bad weather started about 20 minutes out of boise
  • lost control of my car, did a complete 360 and slid off the road in mountain home
  • 5 minutes later repeat the above occurence. no joke. i actually thought i was going to die right then and there
  • cried for about 30 miles
  • found out the road to salt lake was closed
  • had to take the road to pocatello
  • hit that road just in time for the snow storm
  • drove about 20 miles an hour, fearing my life the whole time
  • finally made it to pocatello 6 hours later (it should only take 3)
  • stopped at hailey's house to stretch and pee (i have never been so stiff and tense in my whole life)
  • what was supposed to be a 30 min stop turned into...
  • snapping my key in two
  • getting locked out of my car
  • breaking into my car
  • and driving all over pocatello trying to find someone to make me a new key out of the two pieces that used to be 1 key
  • finally got back on the road
  • just in time for snow storm number 2
  • pocatello to salt lake took 5 hours (it should only take 3 tops) and once again feared my life the whole way
  • finally made it to my little apartment, absolutely exhausted, and literally shaking.
  • after unloading my car, crying out of relief, i took a shower and fell asleep
  • didnt sleep very well, because i felt like i was sliding or swaying. kind of like that feeling you have after you have been on a boat all day, or a treadmill for an extended period of time
  • but its all good, because i am alive, overwhelmed at just how blessed i am, and that dreadful day is over


  1. I'm so glad you are 'home' safe. What an awful experience. p.s. i love your font, one of my favorites!

  2. oh my goodness. that's absolutely awful! i'm so glad you're safe in salt lakey again. :)

  3. That's horrible! I'm really glad you didn't die!