Sunday, December 11, 2011

a movie and a memory

'Do you think we are dreaming?'

'If we are, I hope we never wake up.'
Lets be honest real quick.
Everyone knows that they should have made this movie about 5 years earlier, and cast me to play Samantha, 
but regardless...its still one of my favorites. 
I cry every time I watch it,
and I just love that Uncle Gard.
He's basically perfect, nasty mustache and all.
I distinctly remember that Christmas morning my Samantha doll sitting waiting for me under the tree.
I don't think I let go of her for months.
In fact, I kind of think I cried that morning...maybe not...but I wouldn't be suprised if I did,
I have always been a big blubbering baby.
I do remember a few weeks later when her head fell off and I burst into tears.
I was terrified I would have to send her to the American Girl Hospital and wait for weeks to get her back.
But father just tied it back on, and she was as good as new.
Oh childhood memories. 
So happy. 
Boy do I love Christmas time
And yet it makes me so homesick....
only 11 days to go!

1 comment:

  1. I love the Samantha movie!
    it's so cute:)
    But, not as cute as the Molly movie:)