Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a special, ooey-gooey, love-filled day

i just love this day.
its fun and pink and sugar filled, and just full of love.
love is good. love is great. love is grand.
no matter what kind.
i wrote this post last year, and i still stand by it.
this is a happy happy day, filled with love and joy.
and although i think spending the day with 4th graders gives me a reason to just love this day,
i think everyone should love this day. because its just awesome.

also, this secret video from mr mraz made my whole life...yes, i am that easily pleased :)
happy valentines!
and mark your calendars for april 17th :) EEK!

also, im posting this again...just because i can. and because i love it. and because i cant listen to it with out getting emotional. why? because when i do, i relive this moment...and that was one happy moment. ya, im a dork.

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