Sunday, February 13, 2011

so this is love

here's my cliche valentines day post. because im awesome, and just cliche like that....which you already knew...
you know, i have always loved valentines day, and have never really understood all the whining and booing that girls take part in for like a week and a half prior, and following. (and then some)
valentines was always special at my house, and at school.
my mom would buy flowers, make a yummy dinner, and have a box of chocolates on our dinner plate. she would help me make cute valentines for school, and always bought me a silly valentines shirt with glittery hearts on it to wear to school.
as i got older, ya "having a boyfriend" would have been nice but it never gets me down.
i find ways to celebrate with friends and family that i love, and by doing things that i love and i can find joy in.
this year is no different.
i think the whole "SAD" (single awareness day) part of valentines is depressing and i dont want any part in it.
valentines is about LOVE! even single people have LOVE!
im going to celebrate valentines day by partying all day with my 4th graders, going to the gym, and going to FHE. then i will keep my yearly tradition of watching 'return to me' because i think its one of the sweetest love stories.
sounds like an ideal day to me!
someday, valentines will hopefully be shared with a man, but im not worrying about it now. why? because its not my time. im living a pretty good life right now, and im happy. people always say love finds you when you least expect it, so im not expecting it anymore. im done with stupid crushes, and feeling insecure. im not complaining about it, and im not listening to people complain about it anymore. im done, finished, boda-bing boda-boom, and am focusing on embracing the life i have, surrounded with people i love.
and thats my two cents on the topic. :)
i hope everyone has a glorious and wonderful valentines full of love and laughter! you rock!


  1. Way to go girl! You know what the day is really about! Who said the day was about boys? Here I thought it was all about the giving and receiving of chocolate;)

  2. Ok so I think this is one of your best posts yet. Valentines Day IS all about love, and you my dear are loved more than you can even comprehend. So as mom says.. "I love your guts" have a beautiful day and share your love with everyone you meet.

    PS... I think your in a great spot too!

  3. I concur with 100% of this post. I think it's silly when people hate Love Day. It's such a happy holiday no matter who you are--chocolate, candy, flowers, and love. Yes please! And I love you, and I hope you're feeling better! See you wednesday?