Tuesday, April 10, 2012

my own worst enemy

Does anyone know where the off switch is?
You know the one that will allow me to still function properly, yet allow me to sit peacefully for a while without overanalyzing any and everything?
The switch that will allow me to just make a quick decision when needed.
The switch that will allow me to sleep peacefully at night, during the correct hours.
The switch that will allow me to just be.
The switch that will allow me to just interact with people.

Oh, where are you brain switch button thing?

I swear, I have a crazy brain.
it gets me in trouble.
in trouble with myself...but still, it's trouble.

I think a long run is needed tomorrow. Maybe that will help me find my brain button...

Or, I just need to calm down and find a way to embrace it...
This may help. How ironic that this was at the top of my pinterest feed as I was typing this. Awesome much?

I think yes.
Via good old pinterest 


  1. I think yes, too. If you find the off-button, please share. I need mine switched too. Someday everything will make sense, right? Good luck my friend. If I can help or anything, I'm here. Love ya.

  2. Interesting...sometimes it's just the age or season of our lives. Let it go, go for a run and believe in yourself! It will all work out- it always does! ♥ momma