Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Sink Basket-Part 4

I know it.
I just know it.
You have been sitting on the edge of your seats for 5 whole days,
waiting and craving the latest slice of any news involving our dear friend Bronzie.
Well, I am here to tell you...I never heard back.
Nope. Never.

On Sunday, I confronted the culprits, who painstakingly and confidently tried to convince Liz and I that they had no clue as to what we were talking about.
They went to all odds to convince us otherwise.

It didn't work. I know these things. So I just figured we would just eagerly wait until we heard from Bronzie the Basket.

But then game night take 4 took place.
There was laughter. And more cookies. And then in a matter of moments,
Miss Alexis was gone. poof. Just like that.
As my previous post shows, we received picture evidence that she was safe,
which also confirmed the culprits.
Poor Miss Alexis. We just knew she needed to get home soon, much like Bronzie.

So Monday came. A plan of action was thought of, and in process in a matter of minutes.
We don't mess around.
We dressed in black. Cranked up the only song that came to mind.
And were ready for our attack.

We were prepared to side swipe them. Ring the doorbell, catch them off guard, and barge in.
Liz was to find Alexis. I was headed for the kitchen to, of course, grab Bronzie,
but also to capture 'the special glass' in return.
I knew that was what I must take as payback.
It is, after all, a pretty special glass.

Simple plan right? We knew there were risks, but we were ready to fight.

But.... what were weren't ready for,
was getting caught.
Yes. Caught.
We rang the doorbell once, and when no one answered we were prepared to turn around and attempt at a later time.
But of course, at that time, and in that moment, said culprits decided to return home with their Frostys in hand, only to find two wide eyed girls in black hoodies standing on their porch.
There was no where to run. There was no where to hide.
There was only the option of admitting defeat.


So... much laughter was held at the expense of Liz and I, but somehow we still managed to run in (ya, the door was unlocked all along), grab what was rightfully ours, as well as the 'special glass' and run back out with only little struggle. Actually there wasn't much struggle at all.
They let Alexis and Bronzie come home, and the 'special glass' is mine for an undecided amount of time.
Not much of a fight, but entertaining none-the-less.

So our friends are home safe, but this is not over. I do still have the special glass, and who knows what they might swipe at the next game night....


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