Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I'm Talking to You...

let's talk for a quick second about how being a grown up and having a social life do not go hand in hand.

lets in turn not talk about the fact that my social life is winning, and my grown up life is suffering.
deal with my snappiness tiny humans...i'm having fun.

let's talk about how i LOVE year round schedule. except for today. A-tracks last day today makes it really hard to want to finish out the next 3 weeks

let's talk about how i still giggle at the fact that my sister had NO idea who ricky martin was. #imsuperold

let's talk about this strange new thing i have discovered called flirting. actually, let's not talk about it. geez, nosy people

let's talk about how i wanted a few minutes of silence at work today, so i checked out the iPads. shoving an iPad in a ten year olds hand not only gave me a few minutes of silence, but an entire hour. *bonus* they were reviewing for end of year testing!

let's talk about how i have a plethora of Toms and people are starting to notice the fact that i wear a different pair everyday. #shoeproblem

let's talk about how i think in terms of tweets now. i used to think in FB status updates, then in blog posts, now every normal conversation involves hashtag dot dot dot...

let's talk about how moving to midvale in january was downright the greatest thing that has happened in a long time

let's talk about how much i LOOOOVE Jon McLaughlin and how I FINALLY got to see him in concert, and how I was MOST DEFINITELY front row, up against the stage.

let's talk about how JM could stand for Jason Mraz, OR Jon McLaughlin...i love my life

let's talk about how completely and utterly happy i am that Sara Michelle is back from the mish and we have already had so many wonderful adventures. #don'tleavemeinthefall

let's NOT talk about how miss jen jones hasn't even LEFT on the mish yet. noooooooooo

let's talk about how awesome my roommates are. they are the bee's knees.

let's talk about how my 4th graders are SERIOUSLY trying to get me married. there are at least 4 or 5 comments a week. serious.

let's talk about how much i look forward to hanging out with people from my ward. yes, i just said that.

let's talk about how my nails were painted for 2 days and it was the most stressful thing ever

let's talk about how much i love that my favorite summer shows are baaaaaack

okay, let's stop talking so i can go to bed now. yesssss.

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  1. let's talk about #thatkidthatnobodoylikesbutalwayscomesaroundhwhentheresapartymaybeweshouldgivehimahotdog @loservillenothingtown