Tuesday, May 19, 2009

life is grand

this is just my little blurb before i jet off to go to bed...yes bed, i have a cold which seems ironic since its very warm here...but such is life. hopefully i can sleep it away.
so as for my blurb on life:

i hate season finales...they stress me out. first private practice and then greys anatomy? i dont know how much drama i can take. especially when they leave you with cliff hangers like that. good grief.

also, i love kris allen. he fills me with an indescribable joy. he will go far. i hope he wins, just so i can laugh at adam lambert.

i leave for my trip on saturday! hooray for a real vacation, and fun. im stoked. actually, im beyond stoked.

i was working in the yard yesterday and guess what i found back there? my happy flowers, from this post. yes. it was joyous

and one last little thing: im excited for summer movies like this one. as well the obvious one like Harry Potter.

life is good. no, life is grand.

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  1. I love this picture! Your blog is beautiful Whit. Happy, spunky, pretty...it's wonderful! I'm so excited for Harry Potter it's insane. My Sister's Keeper should also be great. Did you read the book? I loved it!