Sunday, May 3, 2009

the end.

Well...the semester is FINALLY over. I survived finals week, barely passing some classes, but passing none-the-less. In college C's get degrees! haha I never thought I would become that kind of a student, where as in high school I think I actually started crying if I got a C. Oh changes a person, for the better and the worse :) haha anyways, the main point of this post is just to say hallelujah! Bring on the summer fun! What a topsy-tirvy year it has been. Definitely some struggles, but definitely some fantastic times shared with basically the greatest people in the world. I cant believe my college career is flying by so fast, and that next year I will be a senior! Wow. I'm starting to feel old!
So as excited as I was for this semester to be over, it was the classes I just wanted to be done with. But along with classes ending, other things change too. I have been avoiding thinking about these things but now here they are staring my in the face. My Katie left me yesterday, and she isn't coming back..I mean she will visit me lots (she better) but shes not going to school here anymore. She has been such a blessing in my life, and it will be weird to not have her up here with me next year. But we truly are kindred spirits and just because she is going to the U, doesn't mean she can get rid of me that easy :P This semester is also the last one I get to be roommates with my dear Krenny-Poo. Mr. Dalen is taking her away from me to get married or something...haha I'm so excited for them and I know they will be eternally happy, its just weird for me I guess. I am also not going to be living in Old Farm anymore. 2 years here is plenty, seriously, plenty...but I'm moving to a foreign place, about 2 blocks down the street haha, but still, its kind of frightening. I will have 3 roommates that I have never met, and a whole new ward, everything. Its kind of a weird concept to me. But I just keep telling myself that adventures lie ahead. It will be grand, but frightening either way. Who knew the end of a semester could mark such change in my life?! Its both exciting and nerve-racking, but Bring it on I guess! Luckily I have the summer to prepare! :S


  1. and i'll be there to help you through all the change :) :)

  2. :) yay! This post was made on sunday, and i was just in a bad mood. im starting to feel better about the situation. it will just take some getting used to