Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i had a swell weekend. i felt i should share

my dear roommate kym and i had been planning a trip to the hogle zoo all semester, so we figured that this past weekend would be perfect since i was still in logan. so the hogle zoo is what started this little adventure, but that was only the beginning...or middle...whichever

i drove down to our dear friend jennifer jones' house on friday for an evening of celebrating miss sara michelles 20th birthday. hooray! we laughed, we played, we watched the office, ate taco bell, and concluded the evening with the one and only hugh grant in notting hill

"im just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her..." classic.

the next morning we had breakfast with jen's awesome family, and then made our way from draper to holladay to the hogle zoo to meet kym and the giraffes. this day just so happened to be the day before mothers day, so the zoo was covered with moms and children of all ages. it was a huge deal actually, complete with "Mom and Me at the Zoo! Bring your child into the wild" t-shirts...yes i got one--partly because all proceeds go towards new exhibits, and partly because i wished my mom was there with me.

so we spent most of the morning/afternoon there, having fun and taking pictures. then sometime around 3 we all went our went our separate ways, except for me and katie...she was stuck with me for 2 more days.

we went mothers days shopping, drove up millcreek canyon, took a mini nap, and then went to a crazy bonfire! this was definitely a blast. the fire was HUGE and there were some really fun people too...not to mention a few cute boys ;) but they go to BYU...gross. So ya, this bonfire was like an hour away from katies, and lasted for a long time, but it was definitely worth it. :) So So fun!

(dont worry...thats just our delicious energy drinks)

sunday was mothers day, and i was sad all day long that i couldn't be with my mommy, but it definitely helped that i was with katie and her cute family, and not all alone in my apartment in logan. i also got to take katie over to meet my dotty! i was soooo happy i got to see dott and talk with her for a couple of hours and introduce her to katie. it definitely made the trip :)
then monday i had to leave by noon or so to make it back in time to get ready and go to work. but we didnt leave without first making a stop to MOLCASALSA. yummy! i then made the drive back...it was hot, i have no AC, my ipod was dead, and i was DREADING another week in logan, but i will survive, only a couple days left and i can go home! and then bring on the ROAD TRIP!!!

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