Sunday, August 16, 2009


works over.
its quite sad.
i have to wait a whole year to see these kids again.
that is if they come back next year.
that is if I come back.
yes some of these children are VERY annoying. and YES by the end of the summer, i could have screamed at them all. but now that its over, its quite depressing.
us counselors even had our last get together tonight. i loved how much fun we had at work, getting paid to go to the movies, go swimming, and play all sorts of random games. i'm going to miss our weekly "staff meetings" where we would go out to eat and laugh about all the insane
children. it was a good summer.

I'm going to miss my BFF Collin. He is such a punk...but i heart him.Add Image
Then there is Hunter...and the fact that we are 99% sure he IS the giraffe on Madagascar.
Like I said, I will definitely miss our cool staff, and how we weren't afraid to be one of the kids

I will miss the fact that these 2 LOVED each other
but couldn't ever have a conversation because she doesnt speak english.

And my little friend Crew who we were convinced was an 80 year old man
...who was ALWAYS searching for free stuff.

Or the fact that these 2 kids are my FAVORITE, and they decided they love each other the last week of camp. precious.


  1. It's so sad, isn't it? I feel the same way about brasc. Props to you for being able to talk about it. I was so grumpy on Friday when I got home from work that I wrote a short, grumpy post. I hate summer jobs that you fall in love with and then are forced to have them ripped from underneath you.

  2. its WAY sad. i cant even stand it. i guess its just a good thing that im going into a field where i get to work with kids, if not i dont think i could handle life.