Thursday, August 6, 2009

song of the week #whatever this week is

i love having a CD player in my new car,
because i listen to old CD's that i normally wouldnt have on my
"ipod of life".
this week was the re-birth of Blue Merle.
never heard of them?
no one has.
thats why i looooove them.
they are unique and raw.
not over-produced and stereotypical.
i first heard them in 2005 when my friend Emily took me to their concert.
it was glorious.
they have since split up, and tried to go single,
but havent made it.
blue merle though, will always have a place in my heart...
you should check them out
on their website
or listen to my favorite one of the week
Every Ship Must Sail Away
or listen to their most popular song... Burning in the Sun
la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

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