Tuesday, November 3, 2009

go ahead...have a great day!

if you are looking for a pick me up. here are a few options.

*peopleofwalmart.com I know i mentioned this like 2 posts ago, but COME ON! its so dang funny!
*pandora.com those days when you leave your beloved i-pod at home, its nice to know that your favorite tunes are only just a click away
*jokeoftheday.com rather dumb...yet entertaining jokes to give you a good cackle
*watching a video on youtube.com then watching some of the suggested videos on the side. you always end up with the most entertaining things
*mylifeisaverage.com its just great to look at those random things that happen everyday

some favorites posts from recently are:
*Today in Science the teacher was reading out loud from the text book and having trouble pronouncing a long word. She said that it's a mouthful, then a kid in the back proceeded to say "that's what she said." Everyone turned around to smile at him. Turns out it was our principle. He just became a lot cooler. MLIA
*Today, I was in French class reading sentences and we had to guess what words meant. When the word la vérité came up, everyone was stumped, but I raised my hand and asked if it meant truth. It did. My teacher was so impressed that I had used context clues and english derivatives. Too bad I guessed based on 'veritaserum' from Harry Potter. MLIA
*Today, I bought a cupcake from a bake sale to support charity. What did it support? Fighting childhood obesity. Best dollar I've ever spent. MLIA
*I forgot to change my clock yesterday morning. I made a wish at 11:11 and then my mom told me to change my clock back an hour. I made another wish at 11:11 an hour later. They both came true. I feel I beat the system. MLIA
*Today, my friend showed me the sentence "Woman without her man is nothing," that an English class had been told to punctuate. Apparently all the guys put "Woman, without her man, is nothing," while the girls put "Woman: without her, man is nothing." I will never underestimate the power of punctuation again. MLIA
*Today, I got very frustrated with my computer because the music that was playing wouldn't turn off, no matter how many times I pressed mute. After about 15 minutes I noticed I was listening to my iPod. MLIA.

Sorry there are so many...they are all just so funny!

another place that brings me great joy is forever21.com [search word:paris]
also ebay.com, half.com, or amazon.com...cause i kinda like to shop
and there is always the lovely blog stalking that i am so fond of which includes
nieniedialouges.com because she is a powerful spirit, and has such wise words of inspiration.

have a stellar day!

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

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