Thursday, November 12, 2009

2nd grade stories

sometimes my kids just say the funniest things.
and yesterday was one of them.
the first thing that happened was before the bell had even rung to start the day
this girl walked up to me and said "guess what whitney? my brother came out yesterday!"
me being a little confused said "came out? where was he"
she responded "duh, he was in my mom!"
i then realized this was a NEW baby brother.
it was such an awkward way of saying that.
i laughed so hard

the next thing was when I was "interviewing" one of the little boys for VIP of the week.
this kid is absolutely adorable.
he struggles in school a lot, so over the past couple of weeks I have been giving him a lot of one-on-one teaching,
and have spent countless moments helping him spell words or count money.

i started asking him about the things he wrote on his form the beginning of the year and what the pictures he drew meant. then i asked him some other questions like favorite food, favorite color and if he had any pets.
to the pets question, he said "well i kind of have pets" and said oh really?" and he said ya, we have 2 cock-a-doodle-doos that lay giant eggs and sometimes they are weird and have 4 yolks in them
(i literally almost THREW up the school lunch salad i had a prior.)

then he said, "you could put on there that i HATE turkeys!" i said why do you not like turkeys? what are you going to eat for thanksgiving then? he said "no turkeys are fine when they are cooked, but there is this stupid turkey in our neighborhood that chases me! his name is Gibblet and i HATE him!"
(i tried so hard not to laugh, but it couldnt resist.) i asked if he lived on a farm, since i had a hard time picturing this random turkey galloping through the neighborhood, and he said no, that he lives in a neighborhood and there are tons of turkeys that come down from the hills.
i asked my teacher if this was a normal occurrence and she said yes.
probably like the pasture with 3 horse and 3 bison.
only in hyrum

then at recess another kid told me he needed to go find a new girlfriend, cause his 7 year old girl friend dumped him for a 5th grader.
and so i said, no you do not need a girlfriend you are way to young
he replied "of course i need a girl friend, so i can kiss a lot and have babies"
my jaw dropped and i simply just walked away.
2nd grade?
pretty sure i didnt understand that concept yet
this child is destined for greatness eh?

what an adventure. and i cant believe i only have 3 days left with these kids.
ahh its so sad!

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah


  1. Whit! LOVE LOVE LOVE the first story SO much and the second few too. Made my day! :)

  2. hahaha im glad! too funny eh? im glad someone reads my blog too sometimes i feel like it is just wasted space on the internet. lol

  3. Oh WOW! He needs to find a girlfriend so they can kiss and have babaies?! I need to tell you the conversation my group had with the director of the wellness center about high school kids. It was pretty entertaining