Tuesday, November 10, 2009

live like we're dying

go to my posts sometime around april, may and/or june
and you will know how much i LOVE
kris allen
its true. im one of those nerdy american idol fans.
but my devote fan-ness didnt ever come out until kris allen wowed me with his dashing looks and a voice that makes me melt.
i will admit that i did in fact buy most of his AI songs on itunes
AND voted 100s of times each week.
feel free to judge me, i dont really care
i love him that much
and NOW its only one week away from his album release.
pure happiness.
the video to his 1st single came out a couple days ago.
once again, pure happiness.
here it is for your viewing pleasure:

ALSO, can i just say 4 letters?
its amazing how much the one show could change my life
its great
and its been gone for 2 WHOLE WEEKS
tomorrow it returns
and life will all make sense again.
especially with kurt singing soprano
and again, pure happiness

la vie d'amour et la vie vous aimeront en arrière
-whit sariah

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