Saturday, February 27, 2010

a few noteworthy notes

1. pretty sure all of you know i LOVE mr. kris will come as no surprise to those who have read my blog, so its no shock that his performance on thursday was something i had been waiting and waiting for all week. and it did not disappoint. love him a lot.

2. went to ag in the classroom today...totally expecting this to be a 'yeehaw' farmer workshop about cows and crops, but holy cow it was SOOOO much fun! there are so many amazing resources out there for us as teachers to teach our students about agriculuture and integrating it will science, social studies, math, reading etc. seriously! this program lets you rent a chick incubator so you can raise chicks in your class and talk about life cycles etc. how cool is that?! you can buy bolls of cotton and let students gin their own cotton, or purchase wool and spin their own yarn, or purchase wheat stalks to crush and make their own flour! come on! utah state is soooo cool!

3. after ag in the classroom...we went to village inn. i love these girls <3 what are we going to do with out each other once practicum starts?! we decided to create level 3 support group on facebook. thats how much we will miss each other haha

4. i spent the evening having dinner and catching up with my dear karinne and whitney #2. how fantastic the night was. we stayed and talked for 6 HOURS! and had no idea time we had been talking that long! its amazing to see how life has changed and where it has taken the 3 of us in just a short few years. karinne married to the "kid we thought was crazy", whitney married with a baby coming in april, and me finishing up my last semester in logan and moving to salt lake. its unbelievable. but how wonderful that we could get together and it felt just like old times :)

5. my dear friend brittany found out this week she is having TWINS! oh. my. gosh. im so happy for her and her husband!

6. i decided to work 2 jobs this summer and am prepared to have no life so i can go to new york this summer! and see my favorite aunt and uncle, their cute little boy and this plus several others along that line :)

7. i woke up this morning, and it WASN'T pitch black outside and there were real life birds chirping out my window (yes, i sleep with my window open, <3 it)

8. im really happy for my bosom friend sara michelle ence. hehehe

9. there are a lot of weddings to attend in the next 3 months. goodness. but im way excited for all of them!

10. my cousin is in china right now teaching english with her "not" fiance. i love getting her emails and pictures because she types them exactly as if she is talking, and telling the stories or explaining something. its so entertaining to me, and she looks like she is having an absolute blast!

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah

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