Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hope for haiti. now.

my friend emily beat me to blogging about this
but its not going to stop me.
seriously this cd is incredible.
so powerful and so inspirational.
i seriously love almost every song on the album
(i could do without the country ones...bleh)
i dont regret this purchase one bit.
this album has had such a huge impact in only a short amount of time
raising over $3 million in less than a week.
the telethon itself raised over $61 million.
my heart aches for those suffering
and i continue to pray for them
just in case you were wondering,
this is my favorite so far...

souvenez-vous qui vous ĂȘtes
-whit sariah


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  2. love love love love love! it really is so incredible. that surprises me about the country though..i totally would have thought you to be a country girl.

  3. what?!?!?! really? oh boy. ya i DEFINITELY am far from it. lol i actually hate it to be honest...well, more like LOATHE it entirely. haha sara has tried to get me to conform, but i wont budge one bit. lol

  4. serious?? that's so unfortunate. :)

  5. i know. its true. dont hate me though...sara has managed to look past this and still be my friend. i sure hope you can do the same... :) hahaha

  6. ok. i guess i can do that.. ;)