Monday, June 21, 2010

peace love happiness

magical week full of peace. love. and happiness:
(which has been my new favorite song for some time now)
  • driving down to salt lake with my mom
  • sleep over with gwen which included lots of giggling and reminiscing
  • getting dressed in the morning, and realizing i brought black and red to wear...katies colors...i guess i was a bridesmaid whether she liked it or not...
  • walking around temple square with my girlfriends
  • seeing the new Craigo family walk out of the temple!
  • picture time
  • more galavanting around temple square + picture taking of our own + oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over all the brides
  • sara getting a most exquisite phone call about... her mission call!
  • attending the fantabulous luncheon at Rodizio Grill yum...
  • eating 2 chicken hearts (i awarded myself a gold star, cause everyone else just licked one)
  • watching katies wedding video, and hearing her's and parents talk about their sweet children, and then crying my eyes out
  • parading around zurchers taking pictures with the grand hats, and searching for stuff to decorate the getaway car
  • heading to the leeflang house to help set up for the reception
  • lounging on the trampoline staring at the sky, and feeling the blissful breeze
  • sneaking out for a delicious snowcone complete with icecream on the bottom and cream on the top at bob's brainfreeze
  • reception happiness
  • throwing rose petals and rice at the new couple
  • games at saras
  • (the fact that katie jane got hit by a car, on purpose, did not fill me with peace, love and made me very angry. come on. seriously?)
  • a very very peaceful sleep at Jen's
  • breakfast with her darling family
  • facing my worst nightmare
  • lunch and shopping with Dott, Mom and Tess
  • happy bracelets
  • a gorgeous saturday
  • frozen yogurt for dinner
  • so exhausted i fell asleep as soon as i hit the pillow at 11:00
  • morning drive home...with jason mraz blasting
  • making it home for fathers day
  • hearing my aunt and uncles wonderful news...they received another baby boy to adopt!
  • a boise rainstorm
  • watching life with the family
  • and finally to sleep again...
oh i love weekends full of adventures :)
(click to enlarge if you feel so inclined)


  1. being the victim of a 'hit and run' didn't fill me with peace, love, and happiness either. i'm glad you and jen and preston witnessed that. but we really did have a great day besides that, didn't we? :)