Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the search is on

my sister just caught me singing along to glee with an absurdly large smile on my face.
(nothing out of the ordinary)
she made a weird face. laughed. and said...
"you and mister shuester sure are perfect for each other."

i couldnt agree more.
now, if any one could find the real life version of this man for me, who maybe was a little less scandalous, but still had that wonderfully curly hair,  i would be forever indebted


  1. i have someone i think you should meet...

  2. Well. . . . . . why don't you just go date Mr. Shuester Whitney???? Hahahaha I love that you can post comments on blogs from Gmail! Hahah but seriously Whitney, call his agent! Maybe you can have him come for your birthday! Hahahahaah Yeah right.