Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer

i love summer.
i really do.
my favorite month is july.
why you ask?
well...i give you 3 reasons:

1. independence day which means fireworks and picnics
2. birthdays galore. grandpa. dad. mom. and me. woot woot
3. perfect watermelon is always consumed during the month of july. june always brings sad bitter watermelons, and august always has squishy mushy ones. july...yum

so as you can see, im quite excited to welcome in the month of july.
it is quite a happy month, with all its red white and blue happiness :)
this only sad part, is that it means summer is half way gone.
wha? how?
who knows.
lucky my pal Lindsay wrote this post the other day 
which brought all sorts of happiness to my face.
i mean a list of 53 summer musts is pure brilliant.
and all 53 are indeed summer musts.
luckily i still have half a summer to get all these things checked off.
who's with me?!

happy summer!


  1. coming soon to a blog near you a playlist to accompany your summer to-do list.
    p.s. i would love to see some evidence of your revelries :)

  2. Remember that awesome 4th of July that I was in Boise? Swimming, bagpipes, smores in your back yard, parades, food, and the Wards. Fan-freakin-tastic times.

  3. oh lindsay i would love to see your summer playlist :) i have been working on compiling the perfect summer soundtrack and its turning out quite lovely :)

    and yes brittany! i most definitely remember that awesome summer and those 4th of july festivities. haha remember that giant statue of liberty we saw on the free way too?

  4. i would love to see yours too!