Friday, September 3, 2010

remind me to call back the knievels...

today i really missed my job.
i always hate when it ends
but especially this year since there will be no more 'demeyer playcamp' anymore
they are moving our site to a new park cause of some new law about open water blah blah
its sad.
but i miss my kids.
these 4th and 5th graders are absolutely darling, 
but they make me miss my summer kids and all the summer fun we have together.

 i miss my awesome staff

i miss my mini me

i miss my 12 year old BFFs

i miss bossing around all the junior counselors

I MISS CAMP!!!!!!!!!

love me some karaoke

faolin's talent? he can beat anyone in chess in 4 moves. no joke.

Love my 6 year old girls.


perfect timing kassie. perfect timing.

fixing mag-piespig tails. 'wha chu wanna orda?'

so this is love.

he bought me roses on my b-day

every day is pure joy

 (this is indeed jack knievel. evil knievels great nephew. it was always funny when we had to call their house! haha also this was his 1st time on a bus. he was uncontrollably excited)

firecracker hats! happy 4th!

they can be soooo weird

cinco demeyer

 whos in charge?

this is what i get paid to do

ice world <3
excuse all the pictures. there are just too many great ones to chose from...

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