Saturday, October 23, 2010

glass elevator

i currently cant STOP listening to the following displays of musical genius:

*notice the set background shown in the picture. its made from recycled bottles.
i love him

*i mentioned before that this was brilliant.
i still havent gotten over it

*free itunes download a few weeks ago.
love it. very U2/Coldplay sounding in parts
*i stopped listening to tyler ward when he announced he had girlfriend.
jk...but seriously...
but now im back to loving him. i think this is great!
ps did you notice the aggies in the video? its not me...but its something i would do, so we can pretend if you want.
-aaron copland


  1. love them all. especially the jason mraz one :D

  2. Can I just say that your blog makes me happy. I honestly don't think I noticed the "terrifical" part on your header before but I LOVE it! And I love the glee quotes :) "How can you get caught between the moon and New York City?" haha remember when we found that Christopher Cross album in the consignment store? lol