Sunday, October 3, 2010

remember to cross 'watching bucketlist' off our bucketlist...

i still have yet to see that movie.
which is kind of ironic
because i have a hefty bucketlist
and have for some time.
ahh well. im sure i will see it someday.
maybe i will add that to my bucketlist....

the point is, have you seen part of my bucketlist
posted down yonder?
well. i got to cross an item off :)
Kasidy and I hiked Mt. Olympus yesterday
and it was wonderful!
beautiful view
beautiful weather
we want to go again in a couple weeks
because it got dark a little too fast and we were rushing down the mountain on our way back.
wondering whether or not we were going to die
haha just kidding...
but it was definitely wonderful!
hooray for bucketlists!


  1. ahh. love that last photo too! gorgeous.

  2. Sounds like fun. I'm glad you bucket listed that b****. Haha sorry if that is inappropriate but I thought it fitting