Monday, October 4, 2010

Le ciel bleu sur nous peut s'effondrer

autumn is indeed my favorite season. yet it makes me so homesick. blast. 

im one of those weird scentsy people, and im trying to vote for my FAVORITEST scent to be brought back. help a friend out? its spiced orange harvest...and its to die for.

somedays...ok scratch that EVERYDAY i get incredibly envious of my teachers brand new macbook. that the district provides for teachers. ahhhhh jealous

no im not dating anyone. thanks for asking...NOT. goodness gracious! enough already!

i can not even tell you how excited i am for this weekend! Friday night= Thriller with Kym and her family and Saturday night= The Drowsy Chaperone WHICH we have been waiting for for over a year! ahhhhhh cant wait!

i have come to the conclusion that i will not be able to be a teacher if i DO NOT have a smartboard. those things are simply genius. and happy. and awesome.

i have to graduate from my 4th/5th grade combo class in 3 short weeks. how will i EVER leave these kids?! 
is it tuesday yet? im ready for more GLEE and the new Jason EP! :) AND beauty and the beast to come out of the vault!

i wish the conference issue ensign came out sooner

i listened to this song approximately 16 times over the weekend. i will never get sick of it. it is in fact why i heart josh. (not the best video, but dont watch it, just listen)

i really love the fact that everyone is still talking about USU's epic smashing of BYU. happy 

i feel like i need another weekend in order to recover from my weekend. soooo sleep deprived. and olympus won the battle with my legs...soooooo sore

i really want to see this movie which probably comes as no shock, but i felt like stating that to the world regardless 

i have been jammin to season 2 glee music over the past 2 weeks (all 10 songs so far) well...half of those are britney spears songs.... i kind of have to chuckle at my self, at the realization that this is exactly what i did when i was twelve...belting out 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' at the top of my lungs. interesting

just found out you have to be 25 to be in MoTab. BLAST! i still have 3 years till i can even APPLY!

 thats it. ta ta for now!


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I freaking LOVE the drowsy chaperone. Love love love sutton foster. :)

  2. OK, I simply love, love, love your lists. You're are really great writer! Oh and your blog is so cute! Do you use photoshop? How do you get the cute fonts? So cute! You should teach a blogging workshop.

    Gotta join you in cheering "Way to go Aggies!!" Oh my! I really miss Aggie Icecream. Yum! The lemon is my favorite.

    Maybe some day we'll sing in MoTab together. I'm serously considering moving to SLC just to audition in about three years. lol!

  3. love that song of josh's. it will be a wedding song of mine.

    also, you are adorable. love this post. just a list of orders of business. :)

  4. 1. I voted.
    2. I too wish the conference ensign came out sooner.
    3. I have never seen the Drowsy Chaperone and it's my roommates favorite so even though I haven't seen it I would like to say, "it is the monkey or my pedestal that I LOVEEEEEEEEE!"

  5. I can't believe that you are already listening to the glee songs. I NEED THEM! hahha. oh, and the byu vs. Usu game, i loved the post. hehehe. I BELIEVE!

  6. Kathleen! Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog, and feel like you say everything I want to see, and you wear all my dream clothes :)

    Dana! Ahhh you are too sweet! thanks! i have wanted to be in motab, completely with the silly frocks, since i was a little girl. ahhh some day i will get there! some day!

    em. i love you. its true. its kind of ridiculous, but i have a playlist of songs i want to play at my wedding. haha (ahhh im so pathetic) but its the truth. that is one of my all time fav song :)

    gretch. doest thou knowest ma at all dear sister? glee + music....there is NO room to wait around for these things. :P i may have to send you a cd or something.... also...i miss you <3