Tuesday, June 21, 2011

and thats the sound of sunshine comin down

we all know how much i love summer,
and today was the first OFFICIAL day of SUMMER 2011!!! solstice wise...still have a week and a half of school, but the next 8 days are going to be AWESOME in 4th grade...just sayin.

ANYWAYS, to celebrate my favorite solstice.... i wore a skirt to work, i laid out in the sun for a couple hours after work reading my book, i watched PLL, i created a new summery blog banner and then listened to my three newest favorite summer songs over and over over and over again...



p.s. okay, OF COURSE this is an ultimate summer 2011 song too....don't worry, the whitney summer mix is well in the works....as soon as my computer with all my music gets fixed. boo. 

today, i also almost went and got Bob's again, but i have gone twice in the past 4 days, so maybe tomorrow...(haha maybe?...ya right. try a definite yes...)

happy summer bloggers. drink it in! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm...glorious


  1. love this andy grammar song!
    love your new banner!
    love you!

  2. Best songs ever! I absolutely love that we are so much alike! And I am totally jealous of the new blog design. So cute! And yay for Pll! Such a great show!