Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

i felt as if i should make it known that on this day, the second of june, i found myself sitting at a little league baseball game, with frozen toes, goosebumps, my entire body freezing and running for a 7/11 hot cocoa as soon as the game was over.
when did june mean 46 degrees? with freezing wind? and had i known this was the case, i wouldnt have packed my coat and cozy ugg boats away back march! just saying. man, i just am at a loss. for cryin in the beercheese soup!!!!

but just fyi the game was way fun. 3 of my boys are on the team, and they are darling, so i went to see them play. i had a great time, and it was totally fun to finally see what they constantly talk about in class! plus i do love baseball, they were really excited for me to come, and the umpire was attractive, so all in all it was a glorious night.

p.s. these same 3 boys had a baseball tournament in vegas last weekend, and when they came back they were so excited to tell me about the eiffel tower in vegas. haha and one of them brought me back a paris mug, and yummy french cookies. A+ for him eh?
.oh i have the best job in the world.

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  1. so I know you love the eiffel tower but how come there is no picture of the attractive umpire? I feel I have been failed haha