Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I need a little bit of sunshine from you...

poor little blog has been neglected for several weeks. so badly in fact, that im now THINKING in blog post form just because i have been missing it so much! i really dont have much to say, but what else is new. its been a crazy few weeks with end of the year testing and all sorts of crazy things going on, so i have not really had the time to breath or eat normal meals, let alone blog. but here are random thoughts as of late. because as i know i have mentioned before, random thoughts are really the only the thoughts that matter...

i love my shatter nail polish. a lot. and cant wait to get more colors. ya thats right, i follow the crowd...

i also really love my car. i havent mentioned it on here yet, but my new car now has aggie license plates, and has officially been named pierre. i think he's cute.

i will admit though, while watching 27 dresses, and just friends, my lovely blue volvo named betty is momentarily missed.

the other day i realized that school ends in less than a month. and i literally got kind of emotional that i have to send my kids to the 5th grade. cant i just be their teacher forever?

since christmas, i have not been home for more that 24 hours. im REALLY looking forward to my boise adventure july 4th weekend. yay!

speaking of boise, i guess its just been an emotional week, because on monday i got kind of emotional that playcamp was starting that day, and i am definitely not there. man, i guess we cant have it all can we?

my new froomie katie is going to italy tomorrow. (rude i know) and we are currently watching letters to juliet and writing letters to juliet so she can take them with her. we were thinking of all writing the same one that says "dear juliet, im sick of waiting for romeo. will you please send the next best thing to holladay, utah? thanks friend!" think we will get an answer?

i have reached a definite level of creepy that only jesika and kym will understand. bah haahhahaha

i love matt white. like a lot. and i love that i met him and we 'talk' on facebook. he's just so great.

speaking of awesome male singers. i shouldnt be happy at someones breakup, but YES YES YES! his new album will TOTALLY benefit from this, and so will i...somehow...someday...have i ever mentioned how much i love him? well its like a lot.

i talked to my lovely cousin today for over and hour and it was so great! i love her.

kym and i are planning an awesome trip for january. i love teaching year round and being able to go on vacations while everyone else is in school

book club with the girls this summer...STOKED!

officially been to bob's TWICE so far, and there are MANY more trips to come! words can not describe the love i have for a snow cone. NO one gets it.

last saturday kym and i drove down to my favorite LOGAN TOWN! the weather was gorgeous, we went to lunch with karinne and 'little baby' and laid on the quad just chatting for a while. then we got snowcones at my favorite snowcone stop in front of hastings. ohhhhh its delicious. i just love everything about logan. boy do i miss it!

while in logan i bought aggie icecream for my kiddos and we are having a party tomorrow after our last test. they can hardly contain themselves, they are so excited! am i!

i feel as if this is long enough, and probably was already long enough like 12 comments back, so not that anyone reads this, but i will cut my random string of thoughts a little short so as not to bore you any more. i promise i will be back soon! i have missed my dear little bloggy blog!

hope everyone is having a stupendous week! pray this beautiful weather holds up! tonight on my evening run, it actually SMELLED like summer. it was glorious!

peace. love. happiness. <3


  1. Well, just to let you know... i have found out about sno cones.... i think i like them more tan you.... i had a glacier one you were talking about.. with ice cream on the bottom.. it was delicious. :)
    I miss you! can't wait to see you soon!
    Love you:)

  2. katie said...

    first off...why won't your blog let me post normally? it always says "anonymous said..." and I am most certainly NOT anonymous! list of facts:

    i miss you
    i don't know when book group is
    the library won't let me read the help...the waiting list is way too long so i don't know how i'm going to get it
    i miss you
    i like your blog
    i miss you!

  3. hahaha! i figured it out! but i obviously don't know how to spell my own name!

  4. ok we need to get sushi and sno cones together!!!